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Jack Daniel’s Turns To Cinnamon In New Flavored Whiskey Offering

Jack_Daniel's_Tennessee_Fire_Bottle_highresOfficially established as a working distillery by U.S. government standards in 1866 in Tennessee, the Jack Daniel Distillery is not only the oldest registered distillery in the United States but also one of the most popular. One whiskey segment it already has a strong foothold in is flavored whiskey via its Tennessee Honey offering, and now it is going after cinnamon lovers with a new spirit called Tennessee Fire.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, said the distillery, takes its very well selling Old No. 7 whiskey and naturally infuses it with what’s described as a “proprietary red hot cinnamon liqueur.” It will initially be available under test market conditions in three states, including Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Bottled at 70 proof and pricing likely between $20 and $30 depending upon where you pick up a bottle, it should be available in April. There’s not a lot in the way of tasting notes from the distillery on this one right now, but it is said its “aroma of fiery spice blends with the mellowness of Jack Daniel’s and a hint of red hot cinnamon. The result is a sweet, hot cinnamon kick that complements the smooth and delicious taste of Jack Daniel’s, giving you a unique finish full of unmistakable character.”

Now I’m not personally a big fan of flavored whiskies and whiskey liqueurs, but for many who don’t like the bite my favorite spirit can sometimes have, it is a pleasant way to cut that down. And, as a Jack Daniel’s official put it, “the flavored whiskey category continues to grow,” so it makes sense the distillery would want in on that more and more.

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