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Jack Daniel’s Heritage Barrel Bottling Embraces Toasted Barrel Idea

By Nino Marchetti / September 26, 2018

The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection is a rather fascinating range of Tennessee whiskey expressions tied to showcasing some out of the box ideas not typical to the Daniel distillery profile. The latest of these is the Heritage Barrel bottling, which focuses upon the ideas of toasting a barrel and a lower entry proof.

The Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, Heritage Barrel, according to those behind it, came about when master distiller Jeff Arnett and his team of whiskey makers selected from hand-crafted barrels slowly heated to achieve a deeper, richer toasted layer before being charred. The whiskey then matured at a lower entry proof in the uppermost reaches of one of the highest elevated barrelhouses in Lynchburg, Tennessee and was bottled at 100° proof. The end result is said to be “a flavorful and rich Tennessee whiskey that has warm notes of vanilla and sweet baking spices with a lingering finish of oak.”

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Heritage Barrel

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Heritage Barrel (image via Jack Daniel)

We hold ourselves to the highest standard when crafting and selecting Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel products,” said Arnett in a prepared statement. “The unique barrel toasting behind ‘Heritage Barrel’ creates a flavor you won’t find in any other Single Barrel expression. We believe we’ve made a whiskey that would make our earliest coopers and Mr. Jack himself proud.”

Plans call for Heritage Barrel to hit store shelves in October for a price of around $65 for a 750 ml bottle. It is limited in scope, with the equivalent of just 200 barrels coming to market.

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