J. Carver Rye Whiskey A New Minnesota Rye Drinker

J. Carver Rye WhiskeyWhat looks to be a rather well-put-together craft rye whiskey recently went to bottle in Minnesota, courtesy of two-year-old J. Carver Distillery. Particularly cool about this one, for example, is the fact much of what went into the mash bill (and also aging) comes from in-state resources.

The new J. Carver Rye Whiskey, according to the distillery, has a mash bill consisting of 70% Minnesota rye and 30% corn “selected from local farms” close to J. Carver. After distillation, it was aged for an undisclosed time in “charred oak barrels coopered in Minnesota.”

“Minnesota is … a significant producer of rye,” said Bill Miller, a founder of J. Carver in a statement. “Our first Rye Whiskey is likewise based on grains grown on nearby farms, and is the first of a family of small-batch whiskies we plan to introduce over the next year.”

The distillery, which currently does its work in a repurposed 17,000 square-foot auto dealership, bottled this young rye whiskey at 92 proof. It is suggested you can enjoy it either straight or in cocktails. As for pricing and availability, there are a few retailers who look to have it in stock now for an average price of $35.

Limited official tasting notes are below for your consideration.

J. Carver Rye is approachable and delivers bold, savory flavors of baking spices and pepper expected of a rye whiskey with a smooth finish softened by the sweetness of corn.