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Hatfields & McCoys Team To Bring You An American Whiskey

By Nino Marchetti / September 12, 2014

hatfieldmccoywhiskeyEditor’s Note: This story has apparently stirred quite the hornet’s nest, as you can see in the comments. While I welcome discourse on this topic, due to the nature of some things being posted I’ve needed to disable comments for this article.

Friday afternoons are usually a time I like to wind down from doing a lot of writing during the week, but a press release that just jumped into my inbox has me here typing an interesting post about the legendary Hatfields & McCoys. Now, if you know your American history, you remember these two Southern families were involved in a historic feud. Fast forward to today and those claiming to be direct descendants of these two warring clans have come together to try their hand at making whiskey.

The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Whiskey, according to those behind it, was crafted in conjunction with Local Choice Spirits, a distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina. What’s been created is inspired by “century-old recipes written down in the backs of bibles and the backs of their minds” that herald from two families that each have been ” blending and distilling traditional American spirits even before the feuding began.”

Product wise, this bottling is said to have a

unique blend of corn, barley, malt, special strains of yeast, infused natural flavors, and pure water. Aged in oak to perfection, filtered and purified to create a mature-tasting, bold, and complex 80-proof whiskey with an incredibly smooth finish.

Tasting notes for this whiskey, available in 750 ml jug looking bottles and pricing around $39, are below.  Expect it to start appearing in the next few weeks in select markets such as Florida and New Jersey.

Nose: Hints Of Green Grass, Light Vanilla, Wet Stone, Complex and Balanced.

Taste: Medium Body, Light Black Pepper, Smoke, Layers Of Dried Apricot, Custard and Black Walnut.

Finish: Balanced, Clean, Hints Of Vanilla, Caramel And Butter.

Mark Hatfield - September 18, 2014

Dear whiskey wash I afraid you got your story all wrong! They may call this Hatfield and McCoy whiskey but that’s very untrue. This is a blend made by a big distiller with overstock product. The only true Hatfield drink is made by me Mark Hatfield and I want people to be sure that I’m not involved in any way with this fake product. They have no yeast of mine, no recipes of mine, and damn sure don’t have the bible with the recipes in it. That belongs to me and only me. I have it safety stored in my safe. I just wanted you to know the TRUTH. Also the Quicks, their legal name, which are portraying themselves as the REAL McCoys, are NOT true direct descendants of Randall McCoy! They are descendants from his Brother’s side of the family. Just so you know the real facts, you can contact me at 304-383-8075 if you have any other questions. I have proof that all I have said is 100% true. I was the main character on their tv show, that birthed this whiskey, but when I figured out they were only using our famous names to make themselves a huge profit, I was totally against it..

    Nino Marchetti - September 18, 2014

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your message. I’m going to leave the story up as is right now as it was based upon press information, but I encourage you if you want to submit to me at [email protected] an opinion piece with your side of the argument on this bottling. Does that sound ok and I’ll publish it?


      Marcus Hatfield - September 18, 2014

      Yes Nino I would love to tell you my side of the story just as soon as I get home. I will be on the road until late Saturday. But I will definitely get back to you and tell you the truth. I am the only one of the whole bunch that has ever made moonshine before and the funny thing is, my family used to look down and even laugh at me for doing it. Now everybody wants in on the action. LOL Look forward to sending you the truth!

Carrie Hatfield - September 18, 2014

This ain’t nothing but piss water! The true blooded Hatfields are outraged at the lies and fake ass Whisky! It’s an embarrassment to the family name! Go steal someone else’s name see how they feel! I know I will do anything I can to keep from this shit being bought on the shelfs! And u fake ass Quicks can kiss my Hatfield ass!

    Brenda Hatfield - September 18, 2014

    Yes Carrie Hatfield you are 100% right. It is nothing but what is left over from the overstock of a liquor company that could not sell all of it and God only knows what is in it and what horrible taste it has. False advertising and falsifying info to the TTB! Where are all the barrels of liquor that has been aging, where is the mass pots located that are fermenting, and I want to know, why is there a Williamson, WV address on the label. There is not distillery in Williamson, WV that has electric, water, TTB licenses, a still, mass pots, and any thing else that got to do with making whiskey!

theTruth - September 18, 2014

Oh Mr. Mark Hatfield, continuing with the lies…

Ladies and gentleman, I must tell you that the “real” Mark Hatfield is a greedy fake. His whole persona is fake. This man had never made a drop of any kind of alcohol in his life before the show you seen on tv. He made all that up to take advantage of people and make money. Now he has figured he can ditch the show and make more money by making “moonshine” in his garage. In his garage people… Back during prohibition people went blind from drinking “shine” made by those who didn’t have the experience and were just trying to make a cheap buck. Is your sight really worth it?

    Brenda Hatfield - September 18, 2014

    Ok why don’t you man up and grow a set of balls, for the first time in your life and tell us who you are? -as if we all don’t already know= If you are afraid of signing your name, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE EVER BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD (or type) THAT YOU WOULD SAY. Anyone who knows Mark Hatfield, the great great grandson of Devil Anse Hatfield, knows that he is a man of his word. He has given hundreds of thousands of dollars away to charities all over the world, and would give you his shirt off his back. And as far as making any money off the tv show, what he made only covered his expenses, unlike the Quicks who turned in invoices for everything included charging the crew to use their TOLIET! LOL It cost him more money than he received and as far as not making any moonshine, well I have at least the last 6 stills of his in my BARN, if you want to come and check them out. And if you really want to know, it is his Horse Barn that he is making shine in and he certainly has not “ditched the show” In fact, he was filming last week for a “Documentary yes a DOCUMENTARY ON MAKING MOONSHINE that will air shortly. if YOU ANY any more lies to tell, go right ahead cause NO ONE BELIEVES SOMEONE A SPINELESS VOICE WITHOUT A NAME. lol

    Brenda Hatfield - September 18, 2014

    Oh by the way, SPINELESS, (that is what I am calling you) I happen to know, Mark Hatfield’s eyesight is perfect. He doesn’t even wear glasses, therefore he must be making something wright! HAHA

    Mark hatfield - September 19, 2014

    To the truth if this is the case why do you need mark hatfield so bad I would at least put my name on my replie but you no you wrong and ashamed to put your name on here as far as been greedy I give more money away then you have ever seen if I so greedy why would I not just join you in your false ways I made whiskey for a long time what I make or any other hatfield or McCoy can not be produce in a big old distilly only in a barn Or up a hollow real stuff you want to down me because I won’t join you to lie to the American people sorry you will never have.me to carry your lies

      Mark hatfield - September 19, 2014

      And I would like to thank whiskey wash for letting us stand up for what we thanks ant many folks out there like you got about 20000 people we will send to your site thanks a million and if you want to see if oldster hatfield can make whiskey come on down won’t be legal but the best is usually not

Paul McCoy - September 18, 2014

This so called whiskey and the people who make it are not what they say they are, the real recipe is owned by Mark Hatfield and the people who make it are not real Hatfields or McCoy’s so I call false advertisement and name infringement , if they want to make a name for themselves let them call there so called whiskey ” pig piss” or name it after there own name not mine

    Brenda Hatfield - September 18, 2014

    Yes Paul McCoy it seems you know Mark Hatfield and you are 100% right. This is a good example of FALSE advertisement and name infringement. The power of money, does change people and sends their souls to hell. And their whiskey is nothing more than the overstock left overs from a liquor distillery in south Carolina. Cause everybody knows that Mark has the Bible and ALL THE HATFIELD recipes. How can it possible be Hatfield and McCoys. Lets call it Quicks and Shit! more proper a name. I won’t not want to talk badly about the McCoy name cause they are lots of true McCoys out there, like you Paul, that also SPEAKS THE TRUTH!

j.b. - September 19, 2014

I’ve known Mark Hatfield for a little over 10 years and he was making some of the best whiskey I have ever had long before the show.
I like Mark because he tells it like it is , you don’t have to wonder if your friends with him you will know.Mark is the Opposite of greedy.”


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