Hatfields & McCoys Team To Bring You An American Whiskey

| September 12, 2014

hatfieldmccoywhiskey Editor’s Note: This story has apparently stirred quite the hornet’s nest, as you can see in the comments. While I welcome discourse on this topic, due to the nature of some things being posted I’ve needed to disable comments for this article.

Friday afternoons are usually a time I like to wind down from doing a lot of writing during the week, but a press release that just jumped into my inbox has me here typing an interesting post about the legendary Hatfields & McCoys. Now, if you know your American history, you remember these two Southern families were involved in a historic feud. Fast forward to today and those claiming to be direct descendants of these two warring clans have come together to try their hand at making whiskey.

The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Whiskey, according to those behind it, was crafted in conjunction with Local Choice Spirits, a distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina. What’s been created is inspired by “century-old recipes written down in the backs of bibles and the backs of their minds” that herald from two families that each have been ” blending and distilling traditional American spirits even before the feuding began.”

Product wise, this bottling is said to have a

unique blend of corn, barley, malt, special strains of yeast, infused natural flavors, and pure water. Aged in oak to perfection, filtered and purified to create a mature-tasting, bold, and complex 80-proof whiskey with an incredibly smooth finish.

Tasting notes for this whiskey, available in 750 ml jug looking bottles and pricing around $39, are below.  Expect it to start appearing in the next few weeks in select markets such as Florida and New Jersey.

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Nose: Hints Of Green Grass, Light Vanilla, Wet Stone, Complex and Balanced.

Taste: Medium Body, Light Black Pepper, Smoke, Layers Of Dried Apricot, Custard and Black Walnut.

Finish: Balanced, Clean, Hints Of Vanilla, Caramel And Butter.


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