Corsair Uses Oats, Buckwheat As Unique Ingredients In New Whiskies

| January 22, 2015

Corsair Distillery, a company known for using alternate and unconventional grains, has quietly released two seasonal whiskeys recently. Branded as Oatrage and Buck Yeah they each feature their namesake’s flavors heavily.

Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with another site and brewery in Nashville, Tennessee, Corsair is a small batch distillery that was started in a garage by two men. At the time Darek Bell and Andrew Webber were working on a proto-type bio-diesel plant when Andrew remarked that making whiskey would be more satisfactory, thus starting them down the path to distilling unique spirits of all kinds.


Oats, the main ingredient of Oatrage, have a long history with brewing but are little used in distilling. Corsair said this grain gives this whiskey a thicker and creamier mouth feel. It also, of course, has an aroma that is of oats, while its palate is toasty, grainy, and nutty. It was bottled at 100 proof.

Buck Yeah, meanwhile, features buckwheat and victory malt, and has a woody and nutty nose. This is along with an earthy, grainy palette with notes of vanilla, chocolate, nutmeg, and pistachios. It also clocks in slightly less strong in bottle compared to Oatrage at 92 proof.

Both 750 ml bottles start around $54 and can be found easily around the southern United States, along with online retailers.

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Dan Sampson

I’ve always been a bit of a foodie, which translated into drinks when I turned twenty-one. A few years ago, a friend got me into top shelf whiskey and my interest snowballed from there. I still enjoy drinking Jack Daniels when the chance arrives, but my favorite whiskeys are rye...