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Barrell Rye Batch 002 Includes Unique Polish Whiskey

By Nino Marchetti / December 9, 2017

Barrell Craft Spirits, as we have noted time and again over the last few years, has become one of the premier bottlers of sourced American whiskey . Just because they have a history of getting spirit from Indiana, Kentucky, or Tennessee apparently hasn’t stopped them from looking overseas for whiskey to work with, however, as we see in the recent announcement of Barrell Rye Batch 002.

Barrell Rye Batch 002, according to those behind it, adds on the American side an Indiana high malted barley rye that was aged in Indiana and Kentucky for over 5 years. To this is blended a 100% malted rye distilled and aged in Poland for 5 years in new charred #3 oak barrels from World Cooperage. The resulting product is then put into bottle at 117.6 proof.

Noted as being five years old by Barrell, the influence of the Polish rye is said to be dry, with a rich nutty flavor. Paired with the Indiana rye, it reportedly results in a sweet and savory balance of malted chocolate and roasted cashews. You’ll find fuller official tasting notes below for your consideration.

  • Appearance: Sienna with polished brass highlights
  • Nose: The earthy base underscores complex sparks of other aromas. Initial Linzertorte, Ovaltine and s’mores chocolate notes are followed by spicy hints of cardamom, gingerbread and dried currants. With time, violet and orchid floral phrases surface counterbalanced by savory roasted cashew.
  • Palate: Cinnamon and malt lead a strong, spicy arrival balanced by pops of bright lemon zest, sweet caramel, and soft mulling spices.
  • Finish: The palate is left with waves of black pepper and seawater salinity in a gently smoldering ball of spices.