Balcones Distilling Prepares 2 VERY LIMITED EDITION Single Malt Whisky Releases

| March 17, 2014

If there is any single craft distillery in the United States who likely is getting its whiskey to be a cult status item right now, it is the folks at Balcones Distilling in Texas. Established a little over five years ago, their various spirits have taken home dozens of awards and are very popular among whiskey drinkers. I have all of their regular releases in my personal collection, but since I don’t live in Texas I sadly miss out on their limited release offerings (i.e. the fifth anniversary bourbon) and now will be very, very jealous of those who get their hands on a bottle of the just announced 5th Anniversary single malts.

Balcones said what it plans to release at its distillery in Waco, Texas in the form of these two new single malts will close out its anniversary series. Described as coming from two “rare barrels of straight single malt whisky,” the first was “aged to perfection” and then finished in a cask that previously held the distillery’s Rumble Cask Reserve. The other malt release, meanwhile, was finished in the same barrel that previously held another anniversary release that had been called Brimstone Resurrection.


As for specific ages of these two releases, the distillery told me “they are are over two years of age.” Each barrel yielded less than 200 bottles, which will price for $95 each when they go on sale. As for how they will go on sale, Balcones will release 50 bottles of each to the public at a special event at its facility on March 22. It will be a ticketed affair at which these are offered under, and no walk-ins will be allowed. I’ll update this post with more details once specifics are released on how to get hold of one. [UPDATED]- Tickets for this event in Texas will go on sale Wednesday at 10 am (local time zone I assume). Read all the details HERE.

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Should you miss out this coming weekend, your chances of grabbing a bottle are slim, as most of the other bottlings from these barrels are set aside already for tasting events around the country. I have been told however “a very small allocation” might end up finding its way through a distributor to other parts of Texas. Whether this means bars or retail is anyone’s guess.

The two single malts, by the way, pay tribute to Balcones’ flagship “1” Texas Single Malt, which has collected a ton of medals at competitions and is highly sought after. Every thing about this whiskey is done on site at the distillery, so expect the same high quality from the limited releases.


Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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