An American Single Malt Whiskey…Made From Corn?

Appalachian Revelations American single malt whiskies are a subcategory of whiskey made in the US that have a definition that’s still very much in flux. Most of the time one sees, however, malted barley as the primary grain type in the mash bill. There are also a few malted rye bottlings floating around out there. Now comes along what may very well be the first single malt corn whiskey ever made domestically.

Known as Revelations this planned whiskey, revealed recently in an approved TTB label filing, comes from one Appalachian Mountain Spirits out of Virginia. Notes on the label indicates this to be 45.5%, 750 ml bottling that’s “completely malted and smoked on the distillery property.”

More information on this single malt corn expression is a little limited at this point to what’s online. (UPDATE: see below) We find out, for example, from the distillery website that this planned release has a “smoky flavor with overtones of honey and spice.” An ongoing crowdfunding campaign for Appalachian also reveals it will be a limited offering on the open market, likely pricing in the around $60 to $80 range.

(The distillery let us know over Facebook after this story had been published that “we malt the corn 75%, malt the rye 25% and then smoked with red oak from my mountain property. The spirit rivals then high end peated whiskys, and works on so many levels that people are left in awe.”)

Besides Revelations, Appalachian is also the maker of War Horn Whisky, a 42.5% ABV bottling that’s netted quite a few awards for such an obscure craft distillery. I’ll be curious to see how the planned single malt corn whiskey plays out when it likely comes to market later this year.


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