8 Amazing Snow Photos Of America’s Whiskey Winter Wonderland

, | February 26, 2015

With all of the crazy weather the heart of American whiskey country has been seeing of late, lots of snow in particular, it has become something of a daily ritual to watch for the latest openings and closings of the various distilleries in Kentucky via the Kentucky Bourbon Trail website and social media channels. This got me thinking – what do all of these distilleries look like blanketed in snow in the whiskey winter wonderlands of Kentucky and Tennessee? Some poking around on the Facebook pages of the big names in American whiskey making produced some very amazing photos, of which you can view some of the better shots below.

Editor’s Note: All images in this gallery are copyright of the respective distilleries and their employees who took them. Click on any of the images to see it in a larger view as well as to launch a slideshow style display. From this slideshow click on any image again to return to the article.


After this article was published I became aware of a stunning shot from Buffalo Trace as well. Check it out below.

One very snowy Buffalo Trace distillery! (image via Buffalo Trace)

One very snowy Buffalo Trace distillery! (image via Buffalo Trace)

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