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The Cabrach Distillery Prepares For Opening In Summer 2024

An artist’s impression of how the entrance to The Cabrach Distillery. Credit: Collective Architecture

Speyside will soon be home to a new scotch whisky distillery, The Cabrach Distillery. Located in Cabrach, in the northeast of the region, the distillery is expected to “breathe new life into a remote area”. The build recently hit a major milestone, with the arrival of the new stills designed by coppersmiths, Forsyths. 

The Cabrach Distillery will be a small operation with limited output, making the scotch whisky that will be produced there very scarce. It is expected that The Cabrach scotch whisky will be highly sought after. 

The Cabrach Trust hopes to inspire regeneration in the area, which is home to less than 100 people. The site, in the heart of Inverharroch Farm, will be home to all aspects of production from distillation to bottling, creating 12 full-time jobs and 50 volunteering positions. 

It is thought that the Cabrach area was once home to a rampant illicit distilling operation. The opening of the new distillery signals a return to tradition for this small Speyside estate. Old stone buildings on the estate are being painstakingly restored in order to house a cafe and a “heritage centre” at the distillery. 

The Cabrach Collective 

Ahead of the planned opening in 2024, the distillery has launched The Cabrach Collective. The collective is a small group of passionate people who will join the mission to revive whisky distilling in the Cabrach region. 

Paying homage to the old buildings that will form the basis of The Cabrach Distillery, the collective will have no more than 1,849 members (1849 being the year in which the buildings were completed). 

Members of the collective will pay a £1,425 membership fee in exchange for exclusive members-only bottlings once annually, and other member benefits. 

The Feering 

Credit: The Whisky Shop

The Cabrach Distillery has also released The Feering Early Harvest Edition, a sneak peak as to what we can expect from the distillery in the future. 

The Feering is named for the first furrow ploughed in a field as the farmer prepares to plant seeds. This acts as a guide for the rest of the ploughing. 

The inaugural release is a blend of four Speyside whiskies from around the Cabrach area. Two more limited-edition expressions will follow before Cabrach’s own whisky hits the market in a few years time. 

The Feering Early Harvest Edition is available for £75 (~£92) from The Whisky Shop

“The wild spirit of The Cabrach” 

Inverharroch Farm. Credit: The Cabrach Trust

Commenting on the project and its local community benefits, CEO of The Cabrach Trust, Jonathan Christie, said: “The Cabrach is renowned for its role in the birth of malt whisky and completion of The Cabrach Distillery will contribute to a tale of renewal like no other.”

“Whisky distilleries are so often the lungs of rural communities, and our new distillery will anchor our regeneration vision, creating much-needed permanent, skilled employment whilst attracting thousands of visitors to this special place, who will be able to discover the area’s rich history, heritage, and natural beauty.” 

Master of Malt at The Cabrach Distillery, Alan Winchester, added: “Ahead of the opening of the distillery we are proud to launch The Cabrach Collective, an opportunity for whisky enthusiasts to join us on this remarkable journey and play a vital part in restoring a proud community like few others. One of the key member benefits is The Feering, which has been created for the sole purpose of beginning the regeneration of this special place in Scotland’s malt whisky story.”

“Across our series of three, each expression will offer whisky lovers a different flavour experience and we are excited to share The Feering Early Harvest, a beautifully mellow, yet sprightly dram. A dram that reflects the whisky making mastery the Cabrach was once famed for in the 1800s, combining a pervading warmth akin to the fabled hospitality of the area.

Beth Squires

Beth joined Mark Littler Ltd full-time in October 2020 following the completion of her university degree. Since then she has gained wide-ranging knowledge of all things whisk(e)y, and has written extensively for both company and external publications. Beth is passionate about industry innovation, marketing, and sustainability. With a particular affinity for independently bottled rare scotch, Beth is also a whisky bottle investment specialist.

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