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Mortlach Collaborate With Suchi Reddy On RARE Accompaniment to 30 Year Old Whisky

RARE has been created by Suchi Reddy as part of her collaboration with Mortlach to celebrate the release of their Midnight Malt, Credit: Braden Summers

Mortlach single malt whisky distillers have collaborated with architect Suchi Reddy to create a unique item that is part incense burner, part coaster. The item, entitled RARE, is made of tiger’s eye inlaid with copper and can be used to burn incense papers or cradle your whisky glass while you sip Mortlach’s new 30 year old: Midnight Malt.

Mortlach The Midnight Malt

Speyside based Mortlach is owned by international drinks powerhouse Diageo. The 30 year old Midnight Malt has been released as part of their rare and exceptional selection and is limited to just 350 bottles. This limited edition release has been finished in three different cask styles then further refined in custom quarter casks. Quarter casks are known for imparting bold notes quickly and if you are lucky enough to try one of the just 350 bottles you can expect “peppery spice, orchard fruits and chocolate.”

Reflecting on the creation of Mortlach 30 Year Old, Dr. Craig Wilson remarked, “There is an art and science to the creation of whisky, born of an unabating quest to wield flavor—a journey that is complex, evolving into unknown directions, only to finally reveal itself as the patient labor of a visionary at work.”

Presented in a striking navy box that is perforated to give glimpses of the dramatic whisky within this is a striking addition to the Mortlach portfolio. Announced in Los Angeles, the bold whisky reflects the established norm in the market for older age statements and limited releases to be presented in such a way as to make them about more than just the whisky inside.

Opening the box and pouring the whisky has become as important parts of the whisky experience as the drinking. Mortlach have taken the immersive sensory journey one step further as they collaborated with designer, architect, and artist, Suchi Reddy to create what they refer to as the ultimate accessory for whisky lovers. 

The RARE artifact

Reddy was tasked with creating something that “enhances the whisky-drinking experience.” Her creation is titled RARE and is part incense burner, part coaster, part sculpture that acts as a record of your drinking experience. It is undoubtedly one of the more unusual whisky accessories we have come across.

Suchi Reddy designer of Rare explains how her incense “elevates the tasting experience to a multisensory ritual of emotion and memory” Credit Braden Summers.

Rare is crafted from tiger’s eye, which echoes the color of whisky as light passes through it, then inlaid with copper to emulate the stills in which the Mortlach Midnight Malt was distilled 30 years ago. This is where you can burn the specially crafted incense disk that with each burn will make your coaster tell your distinctive journey. The incense disks are marked with the number 2.81, which references a secret distilling process used at Mortlach by its founders the Cowie’s.

Explaining how she came to create the scents for the incense paper and her thoughts on the journey of the item she has crafted, Reddy said: “Through an exploration of scent combinations and insights taken from Ewan Morgan’s generational whisky, I decided to use notes of cedar, clove, and tobacco. The incense elevates the tasting experience to a multisensory ritual of emotion and memory. Each use of the incense paper leaves a distinct mark on the copper disc, capturing unique moments in time. As the incense concludes its cycle, RARE transforms into a coaster, seamlessly accommodating a whisky glass for years to come.”

The limited edition items are available online and Mortlach’s Midnight Malt is available on enquiry with Diageo.

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