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Jameson Irish Whiskey To Celebrate New Holiday: St. Patrick’s Eve

Image via Jameson Irish Whiskey & PR News Wire

St. Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday in the United States, with people all over the country coming together to celebrate their Irish heritage with a few (or many) drinks. Imagine their disappointment upon realizing that this leap year means that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday, rather than a Saturday. To address this issue, Jameson Irish Whiskey has announced the creation of a brand-new (and very legitimate) holiday called St. Patrick’s Eve.

St. Patrick’s Eve will fall on Saturday, March 16th, 2024, allowing revelers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early, and still be up and ready for work the following Monday. 

Johan Radojewski, Vice President of Marketing for Jameson Irish Whiskey said: “[o]ur Must be a Jameson campaign honors a community anchored by their shared lighthearted spirit, so when Leap Year skipped over a Saturday St. Patrick’s Day, we did exactly what a Jameson would do: we created a completely new holiday so people can start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a little early.”

Colin Jost and Michael Che To Ring In St. Patrick’s Eve 

In preparation for the new holiday, Jameson Irish Whiskey has teamed up with US comedians, Colin Jost and Michael Che from SNL, to promote St. Patrick’s Eve. This is all in the run-up to a St. Patrick’s Eve celebration, sponsored by Jameson and hosted by the comedic duo, in Times Square. 

The Times Square celebrations will see a Jameson-themed ball drop at 8pm EST, which is when the clock will strike midnight in Ireland. Prior to this, guests will be wowed by a guest DJ performance and the new Jameson Orange Spritz cocktail, a ready-to-drink whiskey cocktail. 

Of the event, Jost said “don’t believe in leap years. Which is why I’m several days late for every appointment. But for all you sheep who trust Big Calendar and think February ‘sometimes’ has an extra day, we’ve gotten you off the hook by inventing a new holiday, St. Patrick’s Eve. And like I keep yelling at my family and therapist, ‘This isn’t just an excuse to party on Saturday as well as Sunday. It’s a real holiday.”

Che is also eager to join in on the fun, quipping “Colin is also probably a little relieved we’re going to spend a Saturday night ringing in St. Patrick’s Eve with Jameson, instead of reading the jokes I write for him.” 

In addition to the celebration in Times Square, the Las Vegas Exosphere as well as the Chicago River will be turned Jameson green, taking the festivities across the US. 

Get ‘St. Patrick’s Eve’ Ready

Image via Jameson Irish Whiskey & PR News Wire

Those who are lucky enough to score tickets to the exclusive event in Times Square can sharpen their SPE look with Jameson’s limited edition vintage-style baseball jackets. 

The jackets, which are Jameson’s iconic shade of green, will feature a hidden pocket that is the perfect size for a Jameson hip flask, which is included. There will also be Jameson patches to be sewn onto the jacket. 

The Jameson’s limited edition jackets retail for $150 plus tax with free shipping to the continental United States. All proceeds will go to the Restaurant Worker’s Community Fund, a charity that supports food and beverage industry workers and has long been a partner of the Jameson brand. 

Get Your Invite To The ‘St. Patrick’s Eve’ Celebrations 

Those who wish to revel in the glory of St. Patrick’s Eve can enter a competition to win two tickets to the party in Times Square Plaza on Jameson’s website. All you have to do is enter your details and answer the question: “What makes St. Patrick’s Eve the best holiday?” 

You can also tune in to the St. Patrick’s Eve celebrations and ‘rock-drop’ on (as long as you are over 21). 

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