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Buffalo Trace Announces ‘100 Bourbon Sets’ Charity Recipients

The bourbon sets include expressions from Buffalo Trace’s many brands.

Earlier in 2024, Buffalo Trace Distillery announced a charity initiative: “100 Bourbon Sets For 100 Charities”. The initiative supports national non-profit organizations whilst honouring the legacy of Buffalo Trace’s own Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. 

The new, annual endeavour will see Buffalo Trace donate 100 sets of its finest quality bourbons and whiskeys to local charities across the US, in order to support fundraising efforts. 

Expressions included in these sought-after sets include Blanton’s Single Barrel, E.H. Taylor, Weller, and Eagle Rare. 

On February 29th 2024, the first-ever recipients of these 100 sets were announced. Charities and non-profits from across the United States have been honoured, including the West Texas Food Bank, in Odessa, TX, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Alabama. 

The causes for which these non-profits fundraise range from community support to cancer research, and children’s charities. 

Each year, 100 non-profit organizations will be selected to receive a special set of bourbon whiskeys from Buffalo Trace. Organizations can enter/be nominated for consideration here.

Paying Tribute To Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. 

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Image courtesy of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The charitable initiative pays tribute to Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr., an early custodian of the distillery and an important figure in bourbon history. During his lifetime, Taylor had campaigned for the introduction of the ‘Bottled-in-Bond Act’ which tightened quality controls on bourbon whiskey. 

The 100 sets available is a reference to the ‘100 proof’. For a bourbon to be considered ‘Bottle-in-Bond’ it must be bottled at 100 proof. 

In an earlier press release, Andrew Duncan, Buffalo Trace’s Brand Director, said: 

“E.H. Taylor contributed countless innovations to the bourbon industry in his time, but one of his most notable contributions was leading efforts that eventually resulted in the Bottled in Bond Act being passed. At its core, Taylor’s support of the Bottled in Bond Act was about bettering the bourbon category for everyone – consumer, distillers, and communities. This passion for improving the world is one that continues at Buffalo Trace Distillery to this day, and we are proud to support nonprofit organizations in their efforts to make their neighborhoods a better place to call home”. 

Looking To The Future 

Buffalo Trace received a vast number of applications for the 100 bourbon sets. Of course, only 100 could be selected. However, the distillery has encouraged any organizations, that applied but were not selected, to sign up to Buffalo Trace’s general charity list. These organizations will be entered for consideration in other charitable endeavours throughout the year.

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