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What Does This Rare Scotch Have In Common With One of Scotland’s Most Luxurious Hotels?

The interior of Prestonfield House luxury hotel and a bottle of Glendronach 1970 Prestonfield House. What do they have in common?

Scotland truly is a stunning country. With over 6,000 miles of stunning coastline and 140+ scotch whisky distilleries to visit, Scotland offers fantastic experiences to anyone with a love of the ‘water of life’.

The country also boasts many luxury hotels, some of which share special connections with the world of scotch whisky. One such luxury hotel is Prestonfield House in Edinburgh. This 17th century manor shares a history with one of Scotland’s most beloved independent bottlers: Signatory Vintage.

Signatory Vintage was established by Andrew Symington in 1988. The company has bottled a huge number of impressive single malt whiskies including this 30 year old sherried Ardbeg and a very rare Rosebank 1960 vintage. Find out why Prestonfield House is to thank for the creation of one of the most prevalent independent bottlers in the scotch whisky industry.

Prestonfield House & Signatory Vintage  

Prestonfield House was built in 1687 by architect Sir William Bruce for James Dick, former Lord Provost of Edinburgh. The house was the center of a private and affluent estate, which remained in the Dick family for centuries. It was converted into use for a hotel in the 1960s, and eventually bought by restauranter James Thomson.

The exterior of Prestonfield House
The exterior of Prestonfield House. Image courtesy of Prestonfield House and The PC Agency.

The house boasts a number of historical features, stunning gardens, a stable, and a high-end restaurant. Many famous faces have graced the halls of Prestonfield House throughout its history including Oliver Reed, Winston Churchill, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Sean Connery. Today, the hotel, which has only 23 suites, is one of the most exclusive hotels in Edinburgh, attracting a host of high-net-worth clients to their specialized rooms such as The Italian Room, The Tapestry Room and, of course, The Whisky Room.

In the 1980s, a young man named Andrew Symington was serving as the assistant manager of Prestonfield House. It was here that Symington discovered an enduring love for single malt, natural strength whisky.

At this time, single malt, cask-strength whisky was uncommon, as blends were the preferred drink for whisky lovers. Despite this, Prestonfield Hotel recognized the potential of single malt bottlings and decided to commission a series of exclusive bottlings to offer to their guests. With the help of Andrew Symington, the assistant manager at the time, this boutique hotel bottled some extraordinary whisky, and ultimately piqued Symington’s interest enough to lay the foundations for Signatory Vintage.

Prestonfield House Scotch Whisky

Some of the most sought-after hotel bottlings include a Bowmore 1965 22 Year Old and a Clynelish 1973 33 Year Old. A Springbank 1967 20 Year Old is one of the earliest malts bottled. This Glendronach 1970 18 Year Old Prestonfield House, was bottled in the very same year that Andrew Symington established Signatory Vintage.

The Glendronach 1970 18 Year Old Prestonfield House was bottled in the same year that Andrew Symington founded Signatory Vintage.

Signatory Vintage 

Spurred on by his new-found passion for single malt, single cask whiskies, Andrew Symington established Signatory Vintage in 1988. The firm was initially based in Edinburgh, but later moved north to Perthshire after the company acquired the Edradour distillery. The first single malt bottled by Signatory Vintage was a Glenlivet 1968 matured in a sherry cask.

In the decades since, Signatory Vintage has established itself as one of the most highly respected independent bottlers in Scotland, creating bottles such as the famed Signatory Vintage dumpies.

Own A Piece of Whisky History 

It is bottles like this incredible Glendronach 1970 18 Year Old Prestonfield House that we have to thank for the creation of Signatory Vintage and the many impressive bottles of whisky that it subsequently brought to market. Prestonfield House is an incredible hotel, and its bottlings are peerless, one-of-a-kind scotch whiskies.

If you would like to own a piece of whisky history, check out the Glendronach 1970 18 Year Old Prestonfield House and our collection of Signatory Vintage bottlings on The Whiskey Wash Shop.

Stay at Prestonfield House

A bottle of Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old scotch whisky in Prestonfield House's dedicated whisky room.
Prestonfield House has a dedicated Whisky Room. Image courtesy of Prestonfield House and The PC Agency,

Prestonfield House is an opulent, five-star hotel and estate located in the heart of Edinburgh. With a beautiful, sprawling estate, luxury accommodation, and a dedicated Whisky Room, it is the perfect getaway for scotch whisky lovers.

So, if you are looking to book a scotch whisky getaway across the pond, visit the Prestonfield House website and book your luxury stay in a hotel that is integral to scotch whisky history.

Beth Squires

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