Whisky Review: Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky

, | February 17, 2023

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American producers first hit the scene with flavored whiskey in the mid 1970s. Ever since that initial release, many other flavored whiskeys have been made and found a place for themselves in the more and more popular category. According to Market Watch, flavored whisky has seen an 845% increase in volume from 2010 to 2020.  Within the last few years, Canadian producers have also been keen to push their own flavored concepts and Windsor Canadian Blended Whisky has recently followed suit with Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky.

Windsor Canadian Blended Whisky was created in 1963 by one of the Big Four American whiskey producers of the time, National Distillers. The product was so popular that National Distillers purchased the source of the rye used to blend into the whisky, Alberta Distillers Limited, in 1964. Beam would end up owning the Windsor Canadian brand in the late 1980s and recently sold the brand to Prestige Beverage Group in 2020.

Windsor Apple is one of the newest editions to the Windsor Blended family, only coming out within the last few years. It is in the same category of spirits such as Fireball and Crown Royal Peach, putting it in one of the fastest growing segments of the distilled spirits market.

As most other competitors in the flavored category, Windsor Apple is at a lower proof than traditional whiskies, coming in at 70 proof (35% abv). This makes the spirit lighter on the palate and allows it to mix in easier when combined in a cocktail or with a standard mixer. Apple isn’t the only flavor that Windsor Blended has produced recently; a Black Cherry version is also available.

Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky review

Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky (image via Joshua Wilford)

Tasting Notes: Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky

Vital Stats: 70 proof (35% abv), 750ml MSRP $8.99, Product of Canada.

Appearance: A highly viscous spirit, sticking well to the sides of the glass. Has the color of apple cider.

Nose: A strong smell very reminiscent of apple flavored Jolly Ranchers. Also notes of cut grass, caramel and freshly cut Red Delicious apples.

Palate: Granny smith apples and Fiji apples are the most prominent flavors on the first sip followed by notes of cooked sugar cane, vanilla, and hints of lemon peel. The finish is almost non-existent with only a lingering hint of ethanol and apple skin.

Whisky Review: Windsor Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky


Like many of the brands in this category, Windsor Apple focuses very heavily on the flavored aspect of the product and very little on the whisky side. This means that the end result is a spirit that is rather sweet and tastes very much like apples and very little like whisky. For those looking to enjoy sweet apple flavors or for barkeeps looking to make very apple-y Washington Apples, this brand is for you.

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