Whisky Review: The Deacon Blended Scotch Whisky

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From Sovereign Brands, a family-owned wine and spirits company based out of New York, The Deacon is a blended Scotch Whisky that packs a small punch within an incredibly stylish package. In Scots, a “Deacon” is adept and proficient master tradesman, a high bar for a young brand, but one that Sovereign CEO Brett Berish believes The Deacon has met. In a prepared statement, Berish confirms, “We’re not competing. We’re innovating. We’ve lent our disruptive style to our first Scotch Whisky, creating a premium and compelling product that is like nothing else on the market.”

The boast of innovation is a bit derivative at this moment, when the industry is booming with new brands that use the same generalization to describe their spirits, but I feel that The Deacon may have moved too far away from expectations to really impress staunch Scotch drinkers. The whisky is definitely unconventional, and while there are notes on the nose that intrigued me at the opening of the tasting, the whisky lacked flavor and complexity that I look for in my sip.

The Deacon is a blend that includes single malts from Islay and Speyside and is a stunning shelf-piece in a bottle inspired by traditional copper pot stills often utilized by Scotch distillers, with gorgeous steampunk plague doctor artwork on label.

The biggest issue in the whisky is the lack of a distinctive flavor profile. In order to follow through on the promise of innovation, I was expecting more daring or striking distinctions within the tasting, but ultimately what Sovereign Brands produced is a slightly watered-down whisky with a tinge of peat and an artificial sweetness that underwhelms.

The Deacon review

We review The Deacon, a Scotch whisky blend that includes single malts from Islay and Speyside. (image via Sovereign Brands)

Tasting Notes: The Deacon Blended Scotch Whisky

Vital Stats: 40% ABV. A blend of single malts from Islay and Speyside. SRP $39.99.

Appearance: Delicate yellow of sun-soaked hay.

Nose: A bit of classic on the nose, with leather and subtle peat mixing with a saltiness that conjures the scent of dill.

Palate: Sweeter on the palate than on the nose, the whisky is watery, with a smidge of peat and a funk on the aftertaste. There is an artificial sweetness that resembles stevia, and there is a shocking lack of punch on every level of the palate.

Whisky Review: The Deacon Blended Scotch Whisky


I was ultimately let down after this tasting. The Deacon is the epitome of style over substance, and I found myself wishing I enjoyed the whisky nearly as much as I appreciated the bottle. I felt like the whisky would be lost in a cocktail and is not flavorful enough to enjoy neat, but I can say that the branding is top-notch.

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