Whisky Review: Compass Box Delos Blended Scotch Whisky

, | April 5, 2023

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Bottled in November of 2022 and launched in February of this year is Compass Box Delos Blended Scotch Whisky. This limited edition is the second release from the Compass Box Extinct Blends Quartet series. 

A former Johnnie Walker marketing director, Compass Box’s Founder and Whiskymaker, John Glaser, started the company in 2000 with the mission of reinventing the Scotch whisky blending house for a new era. Compass Box whiskymakers–a title they invented for themselves due to the fact that they are not whiskey distillers nor whiskey blenders–focus on new methods of production along with new flavor profiles to enhance rare and hard to find single malt whisky. 

At one time Glaser stirred up a bit of controversy in the Scotch whisky industry, particularly with the Scotch Whisky Association, due to his insistence upon transparency in his whisky making methods. As a result, Glaser was dubbed the ‘enfant terrible of the Scotch whisky world’ by the notable beer and whisky writer Michael Jackson, aka “The Beer Hunter.” Nonetheless, led by Glaser, Compass Box has remained true to their stated belief in regards to whisky that “every detail at every stage of the process has the potential to add something magical to the finished blend.”

Compass Box Delos Blended Scotch Whisky is essentially the creative reimagining of one of their Extinct Blends known as Asyla, which was initially released in 2001 and retired in 2018. The name Delos comes from a Greek island alleged to be the birthplace of the god Apollo. This expression is the second to be launched from the brand’s Extinct Blends Quartet series, the first of which was Compass Box Ultramarine.

Compass Box Delos is made from malt whiskies from the Glen Elgin, Imperial, and Miltonduff distilleries. At 98 proof, it is a non-chill filtered expression aged in American oak barrels and bottled at natural color. According to the brand’s official tasting notes, you can expect “a sweet yet mellow medley of ripe pear, pineapple, orange, and vanilla notes, while the maturity of the grain whisky gradually builds to reveal guava, heather honey, and chai spices.”

In a prepared statement, James Saxon, Compass Box’s lead whiskymaker said, “While inspired by the style and recipe structure of Asyla, Delos has richer and rounder flavors from using older stocks of whiskies which amplify the character, bringing more grandeur to it and making it more resonant. The delicate mouthfeel and transportive aromas within Delos are nevertheless familiarly delicious. For me, sipping Delos feels like a holiday.”

Compass Box Delos review

We review Compass Box Delos, made from malt whiskies from the Glen Elgin, Imperial, and Miltonduff distilleries. (image via Compass Box)

Tasting Notes: Compass Box Delos Scotch Whisky

Vital Stats: 98 proof (49% ABV), SRP $325, Product of Scotland. 

Appearance: Yellow gold.

Nose: On the nose are delicate fragrant notes of pear, honeysuckle, and lemon citrus, with clean hints of white grape and softly misted fresh-cut sawdust. 

Palate: The light-bodied palate offers soft notes of sweet perfume, honeycream, and skim milk, with subtle hints of caramel and baking spices on the backend. 

Whisky Review: Compass Box Delos Blended Scotch Whisky


The approachably pleasant nose is fragrant and clean, with a creamy mouthfeel and a moderate finish that slightly drops off at the end. The flavor profile is more minimal than overly complex, without much depth of character. Overall, this expression offers more of a gentle than robust blended whisky experience, which may appeal to those new to scotch whisky. 

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