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Whiskey Review: Westland Garryana 4-1

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Westland. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

Westland Garryana 4-1 is an American single malt whiskey made in the west but has old world scotch flavors. They don’t just want to replicate what’s already been done but add their own unique twist. That’s where the local Garry Oak comes in. The Westland Garryana 4-1 is just the newest release in the Native Oak Series.

Westland was so excited about the Garry Oak discovery that they’ve created a problem with the amount of whiskey they can age and share each year. They really want to grow and expand but they want to also be sustainable as they do it. They’ve gone from air-dried salvaged wood found in old barns to having a hand in taking the logs and making them into the barrels.

It should also be noted that the new Westland Garryana 4|1 also includes some casks traditionally used in whiskey-making, such as first-fill ex-rye and bourbon casks, but the spotlight is said to be “squarely on the marriage of Garry oak and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks.”

Westland Garryana 4|1

Westland Garryana 4|1 (image via Westland)

Tasting Notes: Westland Garryana 4-1

Vital Stats: 100 proof; 4 years (44–75 Months); native oak; non chill filtered; no coloring added; limited release. Cooperage: Ex-Rye (29%), Ex-Bourbon (29%), Garry Oak (19%), PX Hogshead (16%), Refill Garry Oak (7%)

Appearance: Warm like burnished copper, with thick legs. Really coats the glass.

Nose: There are some notes of peat, fruit and vanilla custard. Smells like something you’d want to eat for dessert.

Palate: It’s a bit tangy like a rye. Flavors of smoke and wood which makes it taste a little like a scotch.

The Takeaway


If you like scotch this is a whiskey you will love because it has that earthy wood flavor along with some smoke and tanginess. For my taste, it is a bit too oaky for me, too much like a scotch. If you want it you'd better grab it fast as there are under 4,000 bottles.

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