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Review: Smoke Boards Cocktail Smoking Kit


Review: Smoke Boards Cocktail Smoking Kit

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Editor’s Note: This product was provided to us as a review sample by Smoke Boards. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review.

Smoked cocktails have been popular for a while now. Aside from bars, cocktail smokers have been popping up on the market for home cocktail connoisseurs to up their game. There are a vast variety of styles, but the smoking kit from Smoke Boards is one of the most complete kits available.

While there are many components to the Smoke Boards kit, the directions are simple and easy. This kit is great for all skill levels. The hardest part of using Smoke Boards is deciding which wood chips you want to use. Once you decide, you place about a tablespoon of wood chips on the white oak board. You could also burn the white oak board if you want. Then all you must do is place the mason jar over the burning chips to smolder the fire and create thick smoke.

I was worried about losing all the smoke once I flipped the glass jar over to pour in my cocktail. However, I worried for nothing. Smoke stays in the jar nicely, and it looks like a cool science experiment when you pour liquid into it. Immediately put the lid on and give your cocktail a good shake to really infuse it with the smoke. When ready, pour your cocktail over ice or serve it up. I recommend shaking or stirring your cocktail with ice and straining it into the smoking jar.

The idea of burning wood chips with a torch on a wood board inside the home, I must admit, is intimidating. It takes a little getting used to, but I promise it is safe if you follow Smoke Boards’ instructions carefully and responsibly. My smoke detector didn’t even go off. If you are making multiple of the same cocktail for people, I suggest using a bigger jar to hold more liquid. However, one tip I have is to smoke only the spirit you’re using, then use that in a cocktail. You can even pre-smoke your spirits and cocktails before use.

Smoke Boards Cocktail Smoking Kit (image via TK)
Smoke Boards Cocktail Smoking Kit (image via Melissa Jones)

Review: Smoke Boards Cocktail Smoking Kit

Details: The Smoke Boards kit comes in a tote with a butane torch, a white oak baseboard, apple chips, cherry chips, pecan chips, and a glass jar. Before you start to use your smoking kit, you must go and buy butane to fill the torch. However, don’t let this deter you from purchasing a kit. Smoke Boards is reasonably priced at $95 compared to other cocktail smokers that can cost up to $250.

Impressions: Overall, the smoking kit from Smoke Boards is the way to go. The butane torch comes in real handy for making desserts like crème brûlée. You really get the bang for your buck. The method with Smoke Boards really allows the flavor of the different wood chips to come through in the cocktail. Remember, you can smoke infuse any liquid, so go experiment and have fun with Smoke Boards!

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