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New Release Register: Heaven’s Door, Maker’s Mark, & Westward Whiskey

New American whiskeys to hit the market in the past week include a new experimental range from Heaven’s Door, a club release from Westward Whiskey, and a collaboration with baseball stars from Maker’s Mark. 

Heaven’ Door Exploration Series 1 

Heaven’s Door, the brainchild of music legend, Bob Dylan, and entrepreneur Marc Bushala has announced the inception of the Exploration Series. Reflecting the nature of Dylan’s artistic process, the series will experiment with various finishing techniques to create bold, new flavors. 

The first bottling in the release is the Heaven’s Door Exploration Series 1, which was finished in Calvados casks and toasted oak staves. The limited edition bottling is available now via the Heaven’s Door website, retailing at $79.99

The tasting notes for the Exploration Series 1 feature “apples, […] brown sugar, pastry, caramel, and biscuits.”

Heaven’s Door was founded in 2018. Combining Bob Dylan’s artistic prowess with Marc Bushala’s experience in the spirits industry, the brand creates Tennessee whiskey, rye whiskey, and double-barrel expressions. The brand is expected to release further offerings in the Exploration Series throughout 2024. 

Maker’s Mark The Ripken Blend Private Selection 

Credit: Buffalo Trace & Ripken Baseball

Former American baseball player, Cal Ripken Jr or “the Iron Man”, and his brother former baseball infielder Bill Ripken or “Billy the Kid” have selected their very own Maker’s Mark blended bourbon. 

The resulting blend – The Ripken Blend Private Selection – was decanted into around 248 bottles and will be available exclusively to US-based baseball coaches who enter their teams into The Ripken Experience Elizabethtown 2024. 

Baseball coaches who are interested in entering their teams can call Ripken Baseball at 410-306-7575 or visit

Of the experience, Cal Ripken Jr said “Bill and I had a lot of fun with the Maker’s Mark team on the Bourbon Trail in beautiful Kentucky. The end result will be a unique piece of memorabilia for some of our coaches that will remind them of their baseball memories in Elizabethtown for years to come.”

Westward Whiskey Vienna Malt 

In a happy accident, Westward Whiskey released the Vienna Malt, which resulted from an incorrect barley delivery. Whilst Westward Whiskey use two-row pale malt to make their whiskey, the accidental delivery of two-row Vienna malt left the distillery with two options: press on and experiment with Vienna, or insist on the delivery of two-row pale. 

Westward Whiskey chose the latter. The result is an American whiskey containing notes of “rich honey depth, coconut macaroon, and banana pudding.” On the finish: “Danish butter cookie, toasted nuts, and sponge cake, with mint and oak lingering.”

The Westward Whiskey Vienna Malt is available exclusively to Westward Whiskey Club members and is priced at $99.95 for a 750ml bottle. 

To find out more about member benefits and to join the Westward Whiskey Club, click here

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