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Whisky Vault Aims To Be A Luxury Safe For Your Bottle Collection

By Nino Marchetti / December 10, 2018

“The coolest, most secure bulletproof whisky cabinet for whisky (bourbon) collectors and enthusiasts.” The tagline for the new Whisky Vault, it makes me at first realize I guess I didn’t know there was a need to bulletproof a whisk(e)y collection. Whatever the case, I’m here to tell you about this new cabinet.

The Whisky Vault, according to those behind it, is a handcrafted whisky cabinet that’s designed to be a luxury safe for the more precious bottles in your whisky collection. More specifically, here are the key features of this product, which by the way starts at $6,000 retail:

  • steel plate construction
  • vault door with locking bolts
  • machined aluminum tri-spoke handle
  • UL certified La Gard electronic lock system
  • individually numbered / limited edition / custom built
  • solid handcrafted teak cabinet
  • design patent / Taiwan, China, Japan, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France=
  • bulletproof window

The Vault is no slouch when it comes to dimensions or weight, being capable of holding some 21 bottles behind the bulletproof glass and another 21 bottles in the wood cabinet beneath. All total this monster is a hefty 308 pounds without the bottles, meaning it is something a typical thief isn’t about to haul off should they bust into your downtown condo pad in search of high end hooch.

Whisky Vault

The Whisky Vault (image via Whisky Vault)

“I’m originally from Los Angeles and have been living in Taiwan for the past 23 years working in the manufacturing industry,” said Todd Lawrence, founder of the Whisky Vault, in a prepared statement. “I designed, developed and patented the Whisky Vault initially for my office but started making them for friends when I saw how popular they were among whisky collectors who were looking for a secure place to showcase their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends (which has happened). ”

As it stands right now the Whisky Vault is up on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for those who want to get in on a unit. I’m not going to lie to you – this is equally cool and disturbing to me at the same time but, hey, if you need a place to stash that fancy Macallan bottle you just won at auction, this might be worth the investment.


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