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The Dead Rabbit Opening New Concept This Fall In NYC’s Moynihan Train Hall

One of the world’s top pubs, The Dead Rabbit, has introduced its newest concept, “The Irish Exit.”

A statement from The Dead Rabbit explains that The Irish Exit is a contemporary, all-day Irish pub experience that will focus on service designed for those on the go.

Managing Partner Jack McGarry and The Dead Rabbit team noted that The Irish Exit will open this fall at Moynihan Train Hall in New York City.

Dead Rabbit The Irish Exit
One of the world’s top pubs, The Dead Rabbit, has introduced its newest concept, “The Irish Exit.” (image via The Dead Rabbit)

The new concept will weave together modern Irish drinks, food, culture, and hospitality. It will serve as the centerpiece for the Moynihan Food Hall.

McGarry explained that the term “Irish exit” is traditionally associated with leaving without goodbyes, and that The Dead Rabbit looks to redefines the “Irish exit” as a gateway to introduce customers to the spirit of Ireland.

“As with all of our brands and concepts, The Irish Exit is rooted in an invitation to experience modern Ireland in genuine, fun, and irreverent ways,” McGarry said. “Transit hubs lend themselves to simple and accessible venues, and there’s an opportunity and demand for a compelling new concept that does this in a thoughtful way through Irish hospitality.”

The 216-seat Moynihan Train Hall location will be the first for The Irish Exit, with additional airport and transit center locations in development for 2024 and going forward.

The menu for the new place will feature a bar program with Irish-made beer, spirits, and cocktails curated by Beverage Director Aidan Bowie and Director of Irish Whiskey Mark McLaughlin. There will be their Irish Coffee they are known for, and a selection of aged and unaged Irish spirits and whiskey; domestic beers and Guinness; boilermakers; frozen drinks; etc.

The Dead Rabbit tapped Crown Creative to bring the concept to life, as they look to classic travel and transportation signage for inspiration, with retro train departure clapper boards; colors from Smoked White and Rust to Emerald Isle and Dark Ruby Red; and slogans like “Always Make an Entrance,” “Come for a Drink Stay for the Journey,” and “A Pint of Plain for the Train.”

The Irish Exit at Moynihan Train Hall is located at 421 8th Avenue in New York City, at the transportation hub for passengers arriving by Amtrak, and it’s open from 10 a.m. until midnight daily.

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