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Now’s The Time To Pre-Order That 2021 Whisky Advent Calendar You Desire

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For this particular promotion it should be noted as well the article copy comes directly from our affiliate partner Flaviar.

For the fourth successive year, we are releasing our highly anticipated advent calendar. Following its sell out success of the past three years, we are upping the ante this year with a Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent Calendar featuring 24 out-of-this-world drams of whisky to help count down to the holiday season.

We have produced double the quantity of calendars for 2021, as interest in boozy advent calendars is seemingly insatiable (last year’s calendars were sold out before Q4) . But even that is unlikely to keep up with demand as many whisky lovers often bought calendars two at a time last year, using them as a way to bond with friends and family one dram at a time in the run up to the holidays.

Behind each of the 24 portals in the Whiskies of the Galaxy advent calendar is a constellation of new flavors and exclusive drams that will help whisky lovers launch their palate to places it has not been before. The accompanying tasting videos on demand will ensure a deeper learning experience and will make for a fun, interactive way to bond together over delicious drams this holiday season.

Flaviar 2021 advent calendar
The 2021 Flaviar advent calendar (image via Flaviar)

Flaviar’s Whiskies of the Galaxy advent calendar contains an interstellar selection of premium whiskies which includes an array of small-batch bourbon, Rye, American single malt, as well as whiskies from Japan and Israel, plus some real stars from Scotland and Ireland.

Discovering what tasty treat lies behind each door is just one part of the joy of this advent calendar – not to mention pouring it into the Glencairn glass provided and tasting it incognito. Imbibers can then rest their glass on the collectible Flaviar concrete coaster and consult the accompanying bound booklet containing details of the dram they’ve tasted. Each dram in the advent calendar is accompanied by an easy to understand visual flavor map – the Flaviar Flavor Spiral – to help train your palate and speed up your whisky exploration journey. There’s also space for personal tasting notes and a QR code that links to a host of interesting facts about each dram that are fun to share.

We’ll not want to ruin the surprise – but here’s a snapshot of the selection of premium drams waiting to be discovered that will no doubt expand your flavor horizons, some of which are new releases for 2021 or are exclusive to Flaviar.

· Penelope Bourbon Small Batch Barrel Strength
When we say small batch, we mean it. This rich, barrel strength bourbon produced by husband and wife team, Mike & Kerry Paladini and their lifelong best friend Daniel Polise, is exclusive to Flaviar and there’s only enough to fill Flaviar’s Whiskies of the Universe advent calendar and not a drop more.

· Wyoming Small Batch Bourbon
A real deal handcrafted Bourbon. Every drop is distilled and aged on site at their facility in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, all the grains are farmed within one hundred miles and the water comes from a local well sunk into an ancient limestone aquifer.

· Limavady Irish Whiskey
Talking of much anticipated returns, Limavady Irish Whiskey is one of Ireland’s oldest whiskeys dating back to 1750, which is making a triumphant return in 2021 after a 106 year hiatus. Details of the whiskey is under wraps but rumor has it Limavady’s comeback will include a distinctive take on barrel ageing.

· Kavalan Distillery Select Whisky
This Taiwanese whisky has been picking up awards and impressing palates in blind tastings across the galaxy. This soft, pure single malt spirit is sure to blow your whisky-loving mind.

· Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky
A non-chill filtered, 53% ABV bottle of Lone Star awesomeness that encapsulates the independent, rebellious spirit of Texas that has picked up more awards than the USA has states.

The Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy advent calendar may be one small step for your taste buds, but it is one giant leap to level up your whisky knowledge.

Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy advent calendar retails for $250.00. Early birds can pick up the calendar for a song as Flaviar is offering a discount during the pre-sale making the calendar just $225.00 for non-members and $200.00 for Flaviar members.

Flaviar Whiskies of the Galaxy Advent Calendar is available directly through Flaviar.

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