New Lifestyle Spirits Brand Billionaires Row Meets the 1996 Chicago Bulls (The Fred Minnick Show)

On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, Fred talks with the owners of Billionaires Row, a brand that has released champagne and brandy brands but they approach the business as a luxury lifestyle brand. Investors/marketers Patrick Ductant and William Benson talk with Fred about how they have tailored and targeted their brand along with other topics, like the 1996 Chicago Bulls, diversity in the spirits industry, growing a brand in a pandemic and much more.

Liquids tasted:

  • Billionaires Row Champagne (19:05)
  • Billionaires Row Brandy and Champagne Blended (28:16)


Fred and the Billionaires Row owners talk about a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Patrick and William look at markets and brands as they relate to each other and then try to stay out and front of other brands in those specific markets with competitive price points.
  • Marketing in a pandemic, which for them was actually successful.
  • They talk about favorite cocktails to make with Billionaires Row brandy.
  • Marketing these products in a pandemic has meant exploring strategies such as focusing on specific markets and hosting events like virtual cocktail parties, backed with online strategy.
  • Billionaires Row, internally, calls themselves the ’96 Bulls, with them referring to each other sometimes as “Scotty” and “Jordan.”
  • Fred offers his appreciation for bringing added diversity, as a black-owned business, to the wine and spirits industry. As for them, they hope to learn about the industry and grow into it, as well as to create opportunities for continued diversity.
  • Integrating music and celebrity into the Billionaires Row brand and how it fits with the lifestyle focus.
  • Southern rap briefly comes into the conversation with Fred’s mention of Killer Mike.
  • Fred on the champagne: “I want to eat some oysters with this.”
  • Fred blends the champagne with the brandy for an impromptu cocktail and he’s impressed, calling it a “beautiful marriage” and musing that it might even be better with a dash of bitters.
  • Patrick and William offer up a few tips to potential investors (no, not GameStop). Some suggestions include high-end spirits, cannabis, energy and water.
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“We focus on the experience that we give the consumer. Even if you are home by yourself and you’re enjoying this cognac, your experience – and I can see it right now on your face – it takes you places. And that’s what we want to do with our consumers, we want to take them places.” -William Benson on the Billionaires Row brand