Liiton Everest Whiskey Glass And Decanter Set Wants To Help You Climb The Whiskey Mountain

By Hannah Kanik / December 24, 2020

For those who want to go to the summit when they drink whiskey, there’s the new Liiton Everest Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set, which was unveiled some weeks ago as a Kickstarter project. With it, Liiton says it strives to create superior drinking experiences for whiskey lovers. 

“We believe drinking whiskey is a sacred experience,” Liiton founder Peng Lin said in a prepared statement. “Even the smallest detail can make drinking whiskey better.’

The company worked with Danish designer Nina Bruun and blended an aesthetically pleasing design with unique features. Not just climbing Mt. Everest is hard — building an entire replica of the world’s tallest mountain in a glass is a feat like no other. Liiton said that the Everest glass had glassmakers around the world calling it the most ambitious project ever attempted.

Liiton Everest Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Liiton Everest Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set (image via Liiton)

“We brought our A-game to the Everest Whiskey Glass,” Lin added. “We spoke to countless whiskey experts — everyone from distillers to mixologists to connoisseurs — to learn what is the ultimate experience.”

The Everest Whiskey Glass features a true-to-scale 3D glass carving of all three sides of Mount Everest. The Everest Whiskey Decanter has a two-sided design that features two sides of Everest molded into the exterior.

The glass isn’t just beautiful — it’s also utilitarian. Two features outlined by the maker give it perhaps a leg up on other whiskey glasses:

  • Chill-Charge System: The glass sculpture of Mount Everest embedded within the whiskey glass charges up with cold to chill your drink, evenly distributing it throughout the whiskey without watering down the beverage for the cleanest unadulterated whiskey experience.
  • Unlocks Aromatics: The Everest Whiskey Glass offers the optimal expression of whiskey flavours by gently and naturally releasing the aromatic compounds of your whiskey through interaction with the Mount Everest carving.
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The Everest Whiskey Glass and Decanter, as previously mentioned, are available on Kickstarter until Jan. 4, 2021. It has proven to be quite popular already with backers, having fully funded in just 5 hours.