Glencairn Releases A Range Of Colored Whisk(e)y Drinking Glasses

The Glencairn whisk(e)y glass brand, as we mentioned earlier this year, is celebrating its 20th anniversary of equipping drinkers worldwide with a glass that’s become the de facto standard for drinking this spirit type. Iconically the glass is known for being clear, though last year a black variant of it proved extremely popular. Now this has been expanded upon via a range of more colored glasses.

The new range of colored Glencairn glasses, according to those behind them, will now appear in not only black, but also blue, red, green, and shimmering gold alongside the original clear glass. They are available individually or as a full tasting set of six glasses, and as an added bonus they’ve been designed to be “used in, and to enhance, the blind tasting experience by disguising the colour of the whisky.”

Glencairn colored glasses

The new range of Glencairn colored glasses (image via Glencairin)

“We were blown away by the massive success of our limited edition black Glencairn Glass last year which sold out almost immediately,” said Scott Davidson, New Product Development Director and son of Glencairn Crystal Founder, Raymond Davidson, in a prepared statement. “So in response to public demand, our 20th anniversary gift to loyal fans of the Glencairn Glass across the world is the introduction of this colourful new range, which is here to stay.

“Not only are the coloured glasses a fun addition to any drinks cabinet, tasting your dram blind is the perfect way to develop your senses and to learn all about the wonderful world of whisky.”

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Plans call for these glasses to price around £8 (about $10 USD) each, or in a presentation box featuring the full color range tasting set of five glasses plus the original clear glass at £60 (about $78 USD). They should be available at retailers later this year. Also of note is that they are not available in hand cut crystal and cannot be personalized unlike the original clear glass.