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Fancy Norlan Whisky Glass Now Has Fancy Water Adding Partner

By Nino Marchetti / January 28, 2019

The Norlan Whisky Glass, as we touched upon some years ago, is a bit of an upgrade from your traditional Glencarin or rocks style whiskey glass. While the glass is certainly the essential component in your whiskey accessories kit, for some adding water to your brown spirit to open up flavors is extremely important also. Most solutions on the market right now are rather boring in design, so one can thus leave it to the folks behind Norlan to step up the design game in this arena as well.

Drave Water Pipette & Carafe

Drave Water Pipette & Carafe (image via Norlan)

The new Drave Water Pipette & Carafe, according to those behind it, fuses the idea of high design with decent functionality for adding a drop or two of water to your favorite whiskey in a glass (preferably a Norlan glass as far as they are concerned). What you have here is something for the “whisky alchemist” in you that (1) delivers water to your glass and (2) holds the water that will be delivered. Both are stylish in their look and more high end in the materials used to design them – the pipette is made of aluminum and the carafe is a dark, lead free crystal. As for the specifics of each,

The Pipette

The Pipette pulls the eye into perspective acrobatics, a square profile that manages to compress its dimension around a vacuum bore.

The aluminum is first extruded and milled, then tumbled against porous rocks before being anodized and finally shock sprayed to create a uniquely textured matte surface.

The depressions on the ends are tailored to fit the fingertip, allowing you, the user, to arrest the central pull of gravity by vacuum, and draw your water from the carafe.

The Carafe

It is a new type of object, this carafe; a left of center, unorthodox, ultra-futurist form.

Watch as it rides the blurred lines, breaking format from organic to geometric, from gloss to matte, and from transparent to opaque.

Digitally designed, it is methodically brought to life over the course of five hand crafted processes involving mouth blowing glass, diamond wheel cutting, sanding, polishing, and oiling.

The above wording is pretty much from the horse’s mouth. To make best use of it, particularly in a Norlan glass, one is advised to use the pipette to deliver a 1 ml or more measure of water depending upon how much whiskey is in the glass. In an example, to dilute a dram by 10%, “take two measures from the pipette for a 20 ml pour or four measures for a 40 ml pour.”

Should this all intrigue you, expect to drop some heavy money for this kit. The Drave set prices for $350, while the pipette by itself is $65.