Eluceda Creates Rapid Authentication Test For Whisky

Detection technology provider Eluceda last month created something many whisky collectors will enjoy, a rapid and easily portable method to authenticate genuine whisky by detecting the unique electrochemical ‘taste’ of specific batches of product.

With spirits vulnerable to a variety of issues from counterfeiting to refilling and dilution, the ability to authenticate bottles of whisky quickly and cost-effectively is increasingly difficult and it is important to ensure consumer confidence and brand reputation, according to the brand. With Eluceda’s method, results are provided in a few minutes with minimal training needed for those carrying out the test.

“Authentication is a key tool in combating counterfeiters in any industry but often methods for food and drink are slow and expensive, sometimes requiring central laboratory testing, making for long lead times,” Chief Technology Officer at Eluceda Dr Ian Eastwood said in a prepared statement. “Our solution helps change this by giving distilleries, brands and enforcement officers a rapid and accurate way to prove that their whisky is genuine.”
Eluceda’s E-Sen handheld detector

Eluceda’s E-Sen handheld detector (image via Eluceda)

Eluceda’s E-Sen handheld detectors use customized electrodes containing specific catalysts which react with the groups of molecules in the whisky to produce a digital ‘fingerprint’ with each reading analyzed using algorithms which compare the sample being tested against a database of genuine whisky samples. Results from across the world are reported in real-time, including geolocations of each test adding extra functionality to the system, says the press release.
 “Our rapid authentication technology provides a valuable tool for brands and enforcement officers,” Eastwood said. “From detecting the adulteration of whisky samples with water or other liquids, through to identifying potentially dangerous counterfeits, we have a quick and simple test that delivers consumer confidence and maintains brand reputation.”


Allyson Nichols

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