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Turkey Tom Bourbon Debuts In An Offbeat Turkey Decanter

If you hadn’t noticed on your calendar by now, the days are closing in on Thanksgiving. The food and drink centered holiday will bring all the trimmings to one’s kitchen and table, including a choice selection of booze. One recent bourbon release is seemingly aiming to capture on this trend, taking the form of American whiskey inside a turkey decanter.

The new Turkey Tom bourbon, according to information provided to us by the company behind it, is a MGP sourced bourbon (a TTB label check shows it is “re-imported”) that is at least two years of age. As is also noted by Aiko Importers, it is seen by them as “an incredible work of art, to sum up, the fall season. A gorgeous hand-painted bottle represents the season everyone falls in love with. Pumpkins, maple leaves, and of course our Turkey Tom is presented in this bottle’s design.

“And to match the fall-inspired design we made the spirit inside in accordance. An American Bourbon with a toasted barrel, caramel, oak, and cherries dominate the palate. A perfect dram to pair with the season.

Turkey Tom Bourbon
Turkey Tom Bourbon (image via Aiko Importers)

“A bourbon that will keep you happy in the fall, and keep you warm in the winter.”

The decanter this whiskey comes in is somewhat reminiscent of the decanters which were released by distilleries such as Jim Beam at a low point in American whiskey history where too much inventory had been produced and the drinking public had shifted towards other spirits such as vodka. You can find many of these today as collectibles.

Turkey Tom is seemingly circulating around the U.S. at the moment, popping up in retail stores in the $60 to $80 range. While we can’t speak to the quality of the juice inside, it might be an interesting acquisition to accompany your turkey come later this month. If nothing else, it can serve as a unique holiday decoration in the years to come.

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