Four Gate Whiskey Company Releases Batches 21-24

| August 9, 2022

Four Gate Whiskey Company recently launched four new releases, Batches 21 through 24.

For the first of these batches, the company said in a statement, Four Gate has dubbed Batch 21 Port PerryPerry. It’s an 8-year-old Indiana rye whiskey finished in Australian Tawny Port casks. A total of 2,148 bottles were made, and the batch clocks in at 112.2 proof. It will be sold in KY, IN, TN, GA, FL, TX, LA, IL and online with a suggested retail price of $199.

Batch 22 is a 10-year-old Indiana straight bourbon whiskey that’s bottled at a barrel proof of 108.8. They made 1,130 bottles, and they’ll be sold in KY, IN, LA IL, and online with a suggested retail price of $199. Four Gate calls this batch Indiana Foundation.

Four Gate Batches 21 through 24

Four Gate Batches 21 through 24 (image via Four Gate)

Batch 23, called Barossa Creek, is a blend of 6 and 7-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons and an 8-year-old Indiana straight rye whiskey finished in Australian Tawny Port casks. It clocks in at 121.3 proof. Four Gate made 1,280 bottles and they will be sold in KY, GA, TN, FL, TX, LA, and online with a suggested retail price of $199.

Batch 24, called BRBN Downunder, is a high-rye Indiana straight bourbon whiskey, aged 6.5 years, and finished in Australian Apera Sherry Casks. The bourbon mash bill on this batch is 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley. A total of 2,178 bottles were made and it clocks in at 116.6 proof. They will be sold in stores in KY, FL, TX, IN, LA, IL, TN, and online with a suggested retail price of $199.

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Four Gate Whiskey Company located three barrels of extra-aged, extra-high-proof Indiana straight bourbon whiskey. The angels’ share was so great on the barrels, it is said, Four Gate was only able to make 129 bottles.

The distiller plans to release this “micro-batch” at a Louisville, Kentucky location in the near future. It’s a 14-year-old Indiana straight bourbon with a high proof of 144.3. Retail will be $450 a bottle, and it’s also dubbed Indiana Foundation, with the batch number designated “MB” and the age statement prominently displayed.

In addition, Four Gate also announced distribution to the state of Florida through Republic National Distributing Company, which started this summer.

Four Gate Whiskey Company started in 2018 with the goal of releasing a limited number of unique batches of whiskey products each year. The first product launched was an 11-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in Sherry-rum casks in April of 2019.

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