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National Dive Bar Day (July 7) and the Seagram’s ‘7 and 7’

When I was given this cocktail to review, along with the renowned Seagram’s 7 Crown Whiskey, I was really excited. Along with countless others, I stand by my go-to dive bar drink: the ‘7 and 7.’ It has always been a reliable mixed drink when I’m at any watering hole that shakes their manhattans while serving up jello shots. You know, the types of bars that you find all over the place, the ones that lack five ingredient drinks and keep it simple and welcoming. The type of bar that you meet the most interesting individuals in, and when you find yourself revisiting one time and time again you find it becomes sort of  that home away from home.

That is why we celebrate Seagram’s 7, because it contributes to a sense of belonging for all of us who have found solace in a dive bar. And we’ve all been there. Whether after work or on a bad day, or on a beautiful Sunday Funday, you know you’ve bellied-up to a sticky bar at some point in your life and ordered a whiskey and 7UP. What else were they going to pour than Seagram’s 7?! Whiskey communion with your friends (or soon to be friends) is a beautiful thing, one I think I’d like to do again on July 7th which is the first annual National Dive Bar Day!

Seagram’s 7 Crown is a blended American whiskey at 25% straight whiskey and 75% neutral grain. By law, a blended whiskey in the United States has to be a minimum 20% straight whiskey. This makes it affordable, easy to mix with, and a fantastic product for the price point. Personally, I’ve enjoyed it straight or on the rocks a few times, but most people enjoy it in a cocktail. It’s a bit more refreshing and appropriate for a whiskey of this nature. For this review we’ll be making the famed highball, and drinking it too.

National Dive Bar Day

Because nothing says dive bar cocktail like 7 and 7 (image via Cameron Holck/The Whiskey Wash)

The ‘7 and 7’ Cocktail


2oz Seagram’s 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey

Top 7UP

Optional garnish of a lemon or lime wedge.


Pour the Seagram’s into a 14-16oz recyclable cup or pint glass and fill with ice. Top with the 7UP and give a quick stir. Enjoy while at your favorite dive bar, grilling, boating, or at your leisure.

Tasting Notes: Seagram’s 7 Crown American Blended Whiskey

Vital Stats: 80 proof, 25% straight whiskey, 75% neutral spirits, oak aged.

Appearance: Caramel

Nose: Brown sugar, caramel, alcohol, vanilla, and citrus.

Palate: Sweet and buttery, not terribly complex but is smooth with a vanilla finish.

Final Thoughts:

Seagram’s 7 is what you would expect for the price. It reminds me of some of my best dive bar experiences and I have to admit that as I write this on the 4th of July, the 7 and 7 cocktail is an incredible way to start my day! Enjoy your National Dive Bar Day with one as well, and we’ll see you at your local watering hall. Cheers to you!