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John Dover

As the creator and writer of “Johnny Scotch”, John Dover has built his Jazz Noir world from the music he is immersed in on a daily basis and from his travels across the US as a professional musician. John continues to build the “Johnny Scotch” library through short stories, and his comic book collaboration with Illustrator and story board artist Dan Schaefer. John’s musical world and his writing world also collide with the “Johnny Scotch Vignettes”, a series of musical pieces written by Thomas Barber, that incorporate high energy fusion with the spoken word. John’s latest releases include Johnny Scotch #4, illustrated by Dan Schaefer, and the second Johnny Scotch novella, “A Song for Charlie”. John continues to perform and teach as a clinician for Bach trumpets along with his role as the creator and writer of Johnny Scotch. Outside of the Johnny Scotch world, John has a number of short stories in the horror genre published. You can find his works in “Tales from the Braided Pony”, “Monsters ‘N’ Things”, “100 Word Horrors”, and “Carnival Tales”, and the upcoming “Tenebrous Tales”. John has also been a regular contributor to as an entertainment writer.