Liz Rhoades, Author at The Whiskey Wash
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Liz Rhoades

Liz is the Founder and Principal at Spirit Safe Consulting LLC, where she specializes in distillery technical process support, innovation, and spirit education. Having started her career in a craft brewery in North Carolina, she now has a decades’ experience working across beer, rum, vodka, soju, and her personal favorite, whisk(e)y. With the majority of her experience coming from Diageo, she’s had the privilege of innovating and providing technical support across a variety of spirits and sites spanning from Gimli, Manitoba to Jundiaí, Brazil. As an active member of the distilling community, Liz has presented at several industry conferences and sits on the Steering Committee for the Society of Distilling Scientists and Technologists. In addition, she has served on the Technical and Executive Committees for the American Malting Barley Association, where she helped guide the future of barley breeding in North America. Liz holds a Master’s degree in Food Science from North Carolina State University and her Diploma Distiller from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.