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Teitessa Japanese Whisky Debuts In The U.S.

Iconic Spirits recently announced the U.S. debut of Teitessa single-grain Japanese whisky.

The new product is the brainchild of Julious Grant, co-founder of Iconic Spirits and founder/chairman of Iconic’s parent company The Brand House Group, along with Taichi Seki, co-founder and CEO of Iconic Spirits.

Grant said his team is thrilled to introduce Teitessa to the U.S. market and he believes this will “write a new script for Japanese whisky in the U.S., and we are excited to be at the forefront of this trend. When you combine the unique qualities that our age-old production methods deliver with the rare, superior ingredients we use, the end result is remarkable Japanese spirits unlike anything currently available.”

Iconic Spirits recently announced the U.S. debut of Teitessa single-grain Japanese whisky. (image via Iconic Spirits)

Teitessa is a single-grain Japanese whisky made up of five expressions, aged between 15 and 30 years in oak variations including American white oak, Spanish oak and French Limousin oak.

The distiller noted that this whisky is crafted with Japan’s highest-quality rice grain, called Koshihikari, and Teitessa is made using a Japanese distillation method that dates back several centuries.

A statement from Iconic Spirits explains that by utilizing the Sato still, a unique beehive-shaped still resulting in an early tail cut and smooth finish, Teitessa can be more subtle than Scotch whisky.

The distiller’s notes show that its taste profile offers a mellow sweetness with a fruity, lingering aftertaste … a distinctive characteristic among Japanese whiskies.

Grant is a former executive with global spirits corporations Beam Suntory, Bacardi and Moët Hennessy, among several others. He teams with Seki, previously a national sales manager for Asahi Beer and a former pro MMA fighter with a family history in the Japanese hospitality industry.

“Japanese people take a lot of pride in quality, presentation and the ability to constantly innovate,” Seki said. “Teitessa embodies these values. We met with many craft distillers across Japan to perfect the taste profiles and premium quality found within our portfolio and we’re pleased to offer consumers in the U.S. these unique, authentic and delicious Japanese spirits.”

Teitessa Japanese Whisky is available at Total Wine & More locations in several major markets as well as select independent wine & spirits retailers and online through Drizly.

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