Serbian Two Doves Whisky Flies To A Single Malt Style

twodovesOne of the great things about whisky is that it can be produced almost anywhere in the world where you have access to local grains. Our global journey thus for this story takes us to Serbia where, through the power of Google Translate, we learn about a local single malt whisky known as Two Doves.

Two Doves whisky, according to the distillery, is produced in the Serbian village of Djurdjevo from barley malt. It is triple distilled in what’s described as a “classical cauldron” and, from what I can tell, is at least four years of age after resting in oak barrels made from Serbian wood.

A recent article on Two Doves affirms most of what is talked about on the distillery’s website, noting as well there are no artificial flavors and that “the color of the whisky is completely natural, since it is the result of being stored in the oak barrels.”

The person behind this spirit, one Sandor Komaromi, has a background in making alcohol after working at many Serbian breweries. Now in his mid-60s, Komaromi “admitted that when he was young he tried to produce the distillate of whisky, but was not so successful as he is now and he proudly insists that the whisky is an authentic Vojvodina’s product.”

As for availability, bottles of Two Doves look like they can only be purchased directly from the distillery, so maybe next time you are in Serbia you can grab one if you know where to go.


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