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Proof And Wood Launches The Globe Polish Rye

Proof & Wood Ventures recently launched a new, limited-edition whiskey that has an international flair.

A statement from the whiskey brand notes that The Globe is a rye whiskey, distilled in Poland in 2013 from a mashbill of 100 percent rye.

The whiskey was first aged in French oak barrels, then transported to Kentucky and aged in former bourbon barrels.

Proof And Wood The Globe
Proof & Wood Ventures recently launched a new, limited-edition whiskey that has an international flair. (image via Proof & Wood)

Aging for a total of eight years, the rye was then transferred to barrels that formerly held Jamaican pot still rum. The rye got another year of finishing before bottling.

The final result is a whiskey that’s been around the world, full of complex flavors, and clocks in at 99 proof.

Proof and Wood founder and blender, Dave Schmier, said, “The bold and spicy flavors of the Polish rye were a perfect match for the sweet and funky notes of the Jamaican rum, complex flavors and nosing notes exemplify this unique offering.”

“Sadly,” he said, “this is the last of the Polish rye stock we acquired and since the distillery in Poland is no longer operational, will be our last bottling of this rye. That said, the intense and pleasant flavor from this bottling is a great way to say goodbye to this rye.”

He offered his tasting notes for The Globe Polish Rye:

  • Appearance: Dark amber.
  • Aroma: Sweet, rye spice.
  • Taste: Dark fruits – prunes, raisins, figs; candy-like sweetness.
  • Finish: Rye spicy, sweet, dark fruits, alcohol warmth.

This is the second of Proof and Wood’s Polish Rye releases, the first being The Stranger, made with rye from Poland then aged in ex-bourbon barrels and ex-rye barrels.

The Globe has a suggested retail price of $79.99 for each 750ml bottle and will soon hit retail stores in 30 states around the U.S.

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