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Penderyn Releases Ode To Portuguese Fortified Wine With Two New Single Casks

Penderyn Distillery of Wales recently announced two new Welsh whiskies for the U.S. market, its Penderyn Six Year Old Moscatel de Setúbal Wine Cask and Penderyn Six Year Old Tawny Port Cask.

The two new single malt releases are the latest selections from Penderyn’s Single Cask program, which identifies and showcases some of their most unique whiskies.

The new cask strength whiskies hit the U.S. market in anticipation of St. David’s Day, the March 1st National Day of Wales.

Penderyn Six Year Old Tawny Port Cask
Penderyn Six Year Old Tawny Port Cask (image via ImpEx Beverages)

It was on this day in 2004, in fact, that Penderyn Distillery launched its first whisky in the presence of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and since that date the distillery has used this time of year to release what’s described as some of its most-anticipated products.

The Penderyn Six Year Old Moscatel de Setubal Wine Cask (Cask No. W19 – 60.8% ABV) is matured in Buffalo Trace Bourbon casks and finished in Moscatel de Setúbal casks, which formerly served to age the Portuguese fortified wine.

The distiller’s notes show that it has a nose that is fruity with floral aromas of orange blossom, peach, apples, white grape, and gooseberry. The palette features sweet citrus flavors, orange peel, apricot, raisin, figs, and a nutty oak spice. The finish is sweet and fades to oaky dryness with a hint of cacao.

It is a limited bottling of 268, and has a suggested retail price of $120. It will be on store shelves in CA, MA, NY/NJ, NE, IL, KS, AZ, NV, TX, DC/DE/MD, WA, TN, OR, and MN alongside the other release mentioned below.

The Penderyn Six Year Old Tawny Port Cask (Cask No. PT318 – 59.59% ABV) has been matured in Buffalo Trace Bourbon casks and finished in Tawny Port casks.

Official tasting notes make mention of rich, creamy notes of vanilla, caramel, plums, and black grapes on the nose give way to a palate of red berries with gentle tannin and pepper spice. The finish is warm and creamy with black fruit and a hint of dry oak.

It’s a limited bottling of 300, with a suggested retail price of $120.

For more information about Penderyn Distillery, you can check out

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