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Mackmyra Presents The Grand Finale With Moment Virvelvind

Sweden’s Mackmyra Distillery has released Moment Virvelvind, their last edition in the Moment series.

And to close out the series, the distiller took inspiration from the first edition of the series, Moment Medvind.

The latest Moment Virvelvind is a single malt whisky matured in Sweden’s Bodås Mine since distillation at Mackmyra’s headquarters. The release became available in limited quantities starting May 25th.

Mackmyra Moment Virvelvind
Mackmyra Moment Virvelvind (image via Mackmyra)

Since the first issue, Moment Medvind, much has changed for this vaunted whisky series. Casks have been stored considerably longer than the original, as they were all filled in 2007 and 2010.

A release from the distiller states that Virvelvind is a slightly smoky whisky with a taste of Swedish oak on the palate along with ripe pears, red apples and fresh citrus. The whisky is between 12-14 years old. The color is golden with a hint of amber.

The cask recipe is:

  • 42% 1st Fill Bourbon, 200L, from 2007
  • 32% 1st Fill Bourbon Smoke, 200L, from 2010
  • 13% New Swedish Oak, 100L, pre-aged whisky from 2010
  • 13% 2nd Fill Oloroso, 200L, pre-aged whisky from 2010

Bottled this spring, there are only 2,049 total 750 mL bottles, and the whisky clocks in at 46.8% ABV. It has a suggested retail price of £109 or €122.49.

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