Mackmyra Distillery Releases A Smoky Swedish Whisky For Autumn

Swedish whisky maker Mackmyra regularly launches a new, limited-edition whisky adapted to the season, a practice which has become a tradition for more than 15 years.

In their autumn release, Stjärnrök, Mackmyra began with their handmade smoky whisky recipe, which was matured in oloroso, ex-bourbon and American oak casks for what’s described as body, complexity and sweetness.

To balance the smoke and the deep, dark notes from the oloroso casks, Mackmyra distillers complemented it with a selection of older ex-bourbon casks filled with their unsmoked recipe, contributing aromas of citrus and vanilla.

Mackmyra Stjärnrök
Mackmyra Stjärnrök (image via Mackmyra)

Finally, the whisky was brought together by the addition of spicy Swedish oak casks saturated with cloudberry wine, for a warming finish.

Pulled from its aging location deep beneath a mountain, 50 meters underground, Stjärnrök (which means Star Smoke) continues what’s described as Mackmyra’s tradition of challenging the traditional norms of whisky and a chance to share Swedish flavors, craftsmanship and nature beyond the country’s borders.

Stjärnrök is limited to 17,000 bottles, comes in at 92.2 proof, and retails for £62 / €60.49. It is available now in select whisky retailers.

Official tasting notes for Mackmyra Stjärnrök are below from the distillery.

Swedish single malt whisky with round notes of grapes and smoke, created with the darker months of the year in mind. The result is spicy with a distinct smokiness of peat and juniper, followed by vanilla toffee and dark chocolate.

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