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Indian Whisky Pioneer Amrut Releases Madeira-Finished Single Malt

By Katelyn Best / December 20, 2018

Amrut Distilleries, one of India’s only single malt producers, has released a Madeira cask-finished single malt, reportedly the first of its kind to be produced in India.

This expression is a single malt finished in hand-chosen wine barrels from the Madeira Islands. It’s the latest in a sizable portfolio from the Bangalore distiller, which has been producing single malt whiskies since the 1980s.

Amrut Madeira Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky (image via Amrut)

As we’ve written in the past, India’s emerging middle class represents a booming whisky market. In fact, the world’s best-selling whisky—which is also the world’s most popular spirit, period—is Officer’s Choice, an Indian blended whisky. It outsells Johnnie Walker, the runner up, by millions of cases per year. Amrut, a distiller of rum and brandy since the mid-20th century, is a decent notch up in quality, and is one of only a couple Indian distillers making true single malts.

“Amrut had really worked their way around to make this bottling with a near perfect balance of aromas,” said Ashok Chokalingam, Amrut Distilleries, in a prepared statement. “We are very delighted with this bottling and the flavours emanating out of this whisky is truly mind boggling. It is a fantastic addition to Amrut stable and yet it is distinctive. We have pretty much produced every style of whisky and pushed the boundaries on maturation techniques that are possible. A few more are now in the pipeline to complete the course.”

Amrut Madeira Cask Finish Single Malt Whisky’s 4800-bottle run is on American shelves now, and looks to be priced at around $150. The distillery’s tasting notes are below:

Style: A fruity affair with signature Amrut characters enveloped around it.

Nose: Almond (perhaps Marzipan) wrapped up in Toffee, Coconut shavings and complemented by Vanilla pods and Golden syrup.

Palate: Almond cake, sweet Orange, Toffee with a fruity tease, velvety. You hesitate to swallow the whisky as the middle ground is so palatable.

Finish: Citrus finish with a hint of Toffee and a refreshing end.


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