English Cotswolds Distillery Plans For Future With Whisky Pre-Orders

cotswolds-maltA new distillery planned for an area described as one of the most beautiful regions in the world is taking pre-orders for those who want to get in on an ultra-premium single malt whiskey made from locally sourced barley. Dubbed the Cotswolds Single Malt 2013 Organic Odyssey, plans call for it be ready for distribution by 2017.

The Cotswolds distillery will be situated across five acres in a rural part of England some 80 miles from London. Organic barley from a nearby farm will be floor-malted and then distilled in special Scottish copper pot stills. It will then be aged in special bourbon and sherry casks for what’s said to be three years starting this coming fall.

5,000 bottles are planned for the first ever Cotswolds expression, pricing each around £44.95 ($75). The distillery said the first 500 people to reserve or purchase a bottle of this single malt will be invited to an on-site party in the fall of 2017 to pick up the purchase in person.

In terms of flavor profile, the distillery said “our whisky will be unpeated with strong notes of barley sugar, honey and vanilla typical of maturation in quality first fill American bourbon casks.   We will also age our whisky in sherry casks which will impart a rich, fruity depth with notes of raisins, figs, toffee, chocolate and Christmas cake. We’re lucky enough to get to define the ‘terroir’ for Cotswolds Single Malt and we feel it should reflect the greatness of this land – with primary notes of grain, fruit and oak.”

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