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England’s The Lakes Distillery Releases Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 4

The Lakes Distillery out of England recently announced the release of The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 4, a whisky that described as “an artistic exploration of maturation and blending.”

The single malt whisky was matured in Oloroso, PX and red wine casks, comprising Spanish, American and French oak. Bottled at 52% ABV with its natural color and a natural cork closure, the new bottling possesses the same sherry-led, wood-forward and flavor-packed characteristics of previous releases, with a more restrained, sophisticated, and almost Moorish influence, according to the distillery team.

“From the American and Spanish oak casks, big notes of Manuka honey, sun-dried dates, and roasted cashew nuts lead to layers of dried fruit, nuts and spice, with an indulgent velvet-cream finish,” Whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi said in a prepared statement. “One of our most complex yet approachable whiskies in the series to date, this is a well-balanced and contemplative whisky, ideal to enjoy after dinner or with good friends.”

The Whiskymaker's Reserve No. 4
The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 4 (image via The Lakes Distillery)

Through the use of holistic whisky making, The Lakes Distillery looks to understand how each flavor is created, meaning Gandi is actively involved in every stage of the process. Drawn from Gandi’s collection of bespoke casks, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 4 joins three previous releases in The Whiskymaker’s Editions line by the distillery.

Retailing at £65 ($90.38 USD) for a 70cl bottle, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. 4 is available online through the distillery’s website. Official tasting notes can be found below.

  • Nose: Rich manuka honey with sun-dried dates and roasted cashew nuts.
  • Palate: Velvety, with a rich, almost moorish, interplay of dried fruits, nuts and spice.
  • Finish: Vibrant with a long and creamy finish, ending with a burst of spices.
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