England’s Bimber Has Two Whisky Additions To Their Small Batch Collection

By Robert Ham / December 30, 2020

Five years after founding, England’s Bimber Distillery shows little signs of slowing down. The London based distillers recently added two new releases to their Small Batch collection: Ex-Bourbon Oak Casks Small Batch 002 and Oloroso Oak Casks Small Batch 003.

Both limited releases reveal their history in their names. Batch 002 is a single malt whisky aged in American Oak ex-bourbon casks that were laid down during Bimber’s first year of production in 2016. Batch 003 was first vatted in ex-bourbon casks and finished in Spanish oloroso sherry casks.

Bimber Small Batch Late 2020

Two of the newest releases from Bimber’s Small Batch offerings (image via Bimber)

“We’re thrilled to close out what has been a tremendous year for Bimber with the release of two new bottlings from our popular Small Batch range,” spokesperson Matt McKay said, in a prepared statement. “The newest editions of our Ex-bourbon Oak Casks and Oloroso Cask Small Batch expressions offer existing Bimber drinkers a continued insight into the development of our maturing stock. But at the same time, they also provide those newer to Bimber with a perfect entry point to our range.”

According to Bimber, the spirits were produced from their single farm barley and malted on a dedicated floor at Warminster Maltings, the oldest working malter in England. The whisky is then fermented for a full week in Bimber’s American oak washbacks and later distilled in their custom stills.

“Despite the tests and trials of the last nine months we’ve seen the demand for our products grow exponentially,” McKay added. “There’s a real thirst for Bimber and the team is working hard to quench the continued global demand for our single malt whiskies.”

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The 52.2% ABV Batch 002 is limited to 2,950 bottles worldwide and retails for £65 (about $87 USD), and the 51.4% ABV Batch 003 is limited to just 980 bottles and retails for £75 (about $100 USD). Official tasting notes for both releases are below.

Bimber Ex-Bourbon Oak Casks Small Batch 002

Nose: Bright and elegant fruits – ripe apples together with apricots and peach melba. Split vanilla pod and sponge fingers are joined by coconut shavings and freshly toasted bread

Taste: Fruit-forward and with a delightfully syrupy body. Apricot halves and fresh peaches are perfectly balanced against vanilla-imbued crème patisserie and elegant peppery spiciness.

Finish: Lingering stone fruit sweetness and enduring spice

Bimber Oloroso Oak Casks Small Batch 003

Nose: Cinnamon rolls, freshly baked waffles and sweet buns sit with fresh and dried red berries whilst stem ginger is tempered by vanilla cream and lemon posset

Taste: Elegantly textured and with plentiful rich sherried notes – bright red berries, chopped bananas and chocolate-dipped walnuts. Golden syrup and pineapple chunks join cinnamon dusting and scorched orange peels

Finish: Sustained refined spicing alongside receding sweet sherry


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