Amrut Has A New Special Version Of Its Fusion Indian Single Malt

| December 31, 2020

Indian single malt makers Amrut Distilleries recently launched a special edition of its iconic Fusion Indian single malt, named Amrut Fusion X, in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Amrut Fusion X (50% ABV) was created after maturing the original Amrut Fusion Indian Single Malt Whisky for a further four years in former px-sherry casks. The launch comes just in time for the birthday of the distilleries’ late chairman Neelakanta Rao R Jagdale, who created the formula for the original Fusion. Because of this, according to Amrut, he became known as the “father of Indian Single Malt Whiskies.”

Amrut Fusion X

Amrut Fusion X (image via Amrut)

The whisky is presented in a collectible porcelain bottle adorned with a sketch of Neel and crafted by well-known crafters Wade, England. The cork for the bottle is handpicked and shipped from Portugal, while the bottle will be presented in a jacket made of lush velvet. This edition also comes with an integrated NFC chip in partnership with Vlinder, which adds a great level of safety to your collectible bottle. Buyers can tap the NFC on the bottle to be indicated on their smartphones if the bottle has ever been opened, as well as access a vast array of information about the whisky on a website.

“It’s a matter of great pride to us when people call Amrut Fusion the flag-bearer of Indian Single Malts,” Managing Director of Amrut Distilleries Rakshit N Jagdale said in a prepared statement. “Our late CMD and my father Shri Neelakanta Rao Jagdale was in fact the architect of this path-breaking product and it gives me immense satisfaction to make this special release of Fusion X on his birthday as both a celebration of 10 years of love by consumers around the world and a tribute to his life and legacy.”

This single malt is limited to 1,010 bottles worldwide, with 240 bottles reserved for the US, 600 for the European continent and 60 for Bengaluru, and is priced at ₹15,000 ($203.36 USD). You’ll find official tasting notes below.

  • Colour: Golden Syrup
  • Nose: An exciting and inviting nose with an array of tropical fruits and salted caramel transforming into toffee fudge. Then here you go; a wave of vanilla cream followed by almond paste. The phenols are a mere teaser and shy; exhibiting maturity beyond its age.
  • Taste: A sweet orange note transforming into loads of tropical fruits. Enormously complex on the palate showcasing the notes of dried fruits, vanilla cream, toffee fudge and an inviting oak note.The middle ground is velvety and silky and the phenols are just mesmerising and are lovely.
  • Finish: Sweet, spicy and phenolic!


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