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Whisky, Tea Get Classy Together In Benjamin & Blum Offering

The United Kingdom is known for being a nation of high influence over the development of both whisky and tea. The two aren’t necessarily considered in the same sentence together, however, unless you are the likes of Benjamin & Blum. This London-based tea purveyor has been aiming to bring the two together as an interesting hybrid drink concept, and their latest innovation, The Master Blender’s Collection, looks to be a super fancy spin on it.

The Benjamin & Blum Master Blenders Collection, according to Luxury London, brings together premium tea and rare Scotch in a fashion which blends the two in a 50/50 ratio in a glass. It is not necessarily a new trend to see this happen – according to those behind it, as they told the publication, this practice is actually something which went on in Victorian times in a more regular fashion.

Benjamin & Blum Master Blenders Collection

What Benjamin & Blum does normally is source high quality tea leaves from Darjeeling and New Zealand, brewing them into special teas in the UK using Scottish spring water. The teas are normally sold as standalone, rather expensive bottles designed to be added as a mixer for whiskies, cognacs and armagnacs.  With the Collection though the game is stepped up in that besides the two tea bottles there’s also an included decanter of “Kinloch Anderson 25 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky” that’s been selected to best go with the two teas.

All three bottles are presented in a special, hand made oval box with black and gold coloring reflecting Benjamin & Blum’s brand “heritage in continental Europe.” It is all rather quite the elaborate offering, of course targeted towards a more affluent crowd in the UK and Hong Kong, where it has initially been released. There was no immediate mention of price, but here’s how to enjoy them together so you can at least dream of luxury tea and whisky in the same cup:

Pour some Kinloch Anderson whisky into a favourite glass, swirl, and enjoy the aromas and flavours. Lightly chill the tea, and pour a few drops of tea into the whisky. Swirl and taste. Add more tea until the mixture is equal parts tea and whisky. For a longer drink, add an ice cube and use three parts tea to one part whisky.

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