Two New Johnnie Walker Game Of Thrones Whiskies Emerge

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / September 3, 2019

One thing you have to give blended Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker’s parent company Diageo credit for is how well they’ve milked the Game of Thrones label. Last year, for example, they debuted a collection of eight whiskies tied to various Houses and the Night’s Watch, and then there’s also the Johnnie Walker White Edition bottling. Joining this latter one now are two more Walker expressions with Thrones tie ins.

The new Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones releases, according to those behind them, are dubbed A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire, and are associated with the fictional House Stark and House Targaryen, respectively. Specifics put forth for each from Diageo indicate the following:

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice

  • evokes a crisp, clean taste derived from single malts of one of Scotland’s most northern distilleries, Clynelish
  • dons an icy bottle design with frosted blue and gray colors inspired by the North
  • has an ABV of 40.2%
  • is best enjoyed over ice and delivers a cold, smooth finish

Johnnie Walker A Song of Fire

  • boasts flavors of subtle smoke from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery
  • dons a fiery bottle design with deep-red colors inspired by fire-breathing dragons
  • has an ABV of 40.8%
  • is best enjoyed neat and delivers a full bodied flavor which lends a warm, smooth finish

Interestingly, in a nod to what is said to be “the complicated interactions between the two great Houses in the show’s storyline, Johnnie Walker’s iconic Striding Man uncharacteristically faces backwards on the A Song of Fire bottle, revealing a face-off with the Striding Man on the A Song of Ice bottle when paired side-by-side.”

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice, A Song of Fire

Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire (image via Diageo)

Johnnie Walker and Game of Thrones are an epic pairing,” said Sophie Kelly, Senior Vice President, Whiskies Diageo North America, in a prepared statement. “There is as much for people to discover and explore within the world of whisky as there is within the world of the show. Johnnie Walker A Song of Ice and A Song of Fire perfectly capture the essence of House Stark and House Targaryen, from the bottle designs to the unique Scotch whiskies within.

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“Each new blend brings to life a different profile of flavors – one crisp and clean, the other rich and spicy. We hope people enjoy trying both while reliving the series with friends.”

As it stands now plans call for both bottlings to price around $36 per 750 ml bottle, and to be available globally while supplies last.


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