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Tomintoul 40 Year Old Quadruple Cask Laid Down in 1974

By Nino Marchetti / February 9, 2016

Tomintoul 40 Year OldScotland’s Tomintoul distillery, set in the Speyside region, is not that old compared to other Scottish distilleries. It was founded in 1964, so it’s understandable it doesn’t have that many 30+ year bottlings lying around. That said, the folks there just unveiled what looks to be a stunning 40-year-old expression that’s been drawn from four casks.

The new Tomintoul 40 Year Old Quadruple Cask was first laid down as new make spirit back in 1974. Current master distiller Robert Fleming is said to have checked out each cask remaining from this year of distilling as “they rested peacefully in the corners of the Distillery warehouses.” He selected four of those casks, resulting in this unique quadruple cask bottling.

Given the rarity of a 40 year old whisky, Tomointoul has understandably invested some capital in the Scotch’s presentationt. 500 hand-crafted crystal decanters make up this release, each individually numbered and housed inside a special gift box that sports a twin door opening with interior cushioned padding.

Included with the bottling and special decanter are a crystal glass stopper and information leaflet. Official tasting notes for the Tomintoul 40 Year Old Quadruple Cask are below. As for price, none was immediately mentioned, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it will not be a cheap expression.

Nose: Delicate and reassuringly matured. Mixed fruits dance with the gentle barley sweet malt that is buttery and creamy. Hints of pineapple caress invitingly.

Palate: Subtle yet exquisitely complex, as summer fruits and buttery toffee intermingle with refined notes of coffee, licorice and lemon sorbet.

Finish: Gentle oak spice swirls with sweet licorice.