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Tomatin 1971 Laid in Barrel 44 Years Before Being Bottle-Ready

By Nino Marchetti / July 14, 2016

Scotland’s Tomatin distillery, in pursuit of the collector of high-end old Scotch in fancy packaging, has debuted its new “super premium” Warehouse 6 Collection. The first of these is Tomatin 1971, limited to just 252 bottles.

The Tomatin 1971, according to the distillery, is a 44-year-old expression pulled from “hand selected” Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. It has been bottled at 45.8% ABV and, as is typical with top end releases like this, comes dressed in style. Specifically, it is

“[E]ncased in a crystal decanter decorated with solid copper along with two crystal tumblers, inside an impressively ornate box comprising of varnished wood laminate, plexiglass and rose gold metal to reflect its exclusivity.”

“We have spent decades perfecting this delicate spirit that reflects our dedication to producing whisky of exceptional quality,” said Stephen Bremner, Sales Manager at Tomatin, in a written statement. “The single malt evokes the soft house character of Tomatin with an intricate medley of rich tones and flavours which are truly unique.”

Tomatin 1971

Limited official tasting notes are below. Should a bottle of the Tomatin 1971 intrigue you enough to pick one up, expect to drop £2,500, or about $3,250 USD. The 44 year old, comes to market almost one full year after Tomatin debuted its rather fancy 36 year old Scotch.

Aromas of almond, plum, ginger cake and marzipan merged with warm flavours of caramel, dark chocolate, coffee and winter fruits before a rich, refined, lingering finish.