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‘The Pioneers Experience’ Takes Center Stage At The Macallan Estate This Summer

The Macallan Estate is set to tell its single malt Scotch whisky heritage through immersive theater and live performances.

The Macallan Estate Pioneers Experience will launch Saturday, July 16th and run through August 7th.

The Macallan’s theatrical journey explores the distillery’s 485-acre estate, bringing to life notable characters from its rich history, those who have informed the estate’s past and played a role in shaping its future.

The Macallan Estate Pioneers Experience
The Macallan Estate Pioneers Experience (image via The Macallan)

The outdoor experience is available to book now, and looks to delve into The Macallan’s heritage and depict what’s described as the craftsmanship and creativity of the whisky-making process, as well as the excellence for which The Macallan has been awarded over the decades.

Exploring that history through theater, guests will meet notable characters such as Captain John Grant, a pioneer in The Macallan’s story. Captain Grant realized the potential of Easter Elchies Estate in 1700, the land that has been home to The Macallan Distillery since 1824.

The characters and their stories will be shared through a promenade theater experience on the banks of the River Spey, moving through time and taking guests to rarely-seen locations throughout the cstate.

Theater-goers will share a picnic lunch with pioneers Roderick and Katherine Kemp, who took over The Macallan Distillery in 1892. Guests will also meet Janet Harbinson, who guided The Macallan through trial and tribulation in the early 1900s.

And as part of the experience, guests will explore The Macallan Estate while savoring special drams of The Macallan single malt Scotch whisky along the way.

Stuart Cassells, general manager at The Macallan Estate, called The Macallan Estate Pioneers Experience in a prepared statement one of the most exciting events in their calendar, “and we’re proud to announce its return for 2022.”

He said that, following last summer’s successful run, “there is no finer way to delve into our fascinating heritage here at The Macallan, with the help of Debora Weston and a team of extraordinary actors from across Scotland. Debora is perhaps best known for her work in films including Patriot Games and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and we’re honored that she has written our theater play for The Macallan Pioneers Experience. It’s a privilege to see her vision come to life on the banks of the River Spey, right here at The Macallan Estate.”

As part of the three-hour experience, guests will explore areas of The Macallan Distillery not usually open to the public, including Warehouse No 7, one of The Macallan’s oldest traditional dunnage warehouses.

Home to every bottle of The Macallan’s single malt whisky since 1824, the countryside estate offers fine-dining, private shopping and fishing along with its whisky experience.

The Macallan Estate Pioneers Experience is priced at £70 per guest and is available to book at

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