The Macallan’s New Folio 7 Expression Evokes The Past

| April 19, 2023

The Macallan recently unveiled the next installment in its series that celebrates the classic advertising campaigns of the brand, this iteration being Folio 7.

The seventh release from The Macallan Archival Series highlights a campaign from 1984, and a statement from The Macallan explains just how that campaign went.

It tells the story of a curious party of scientists who were invited to the distillery to taste The Macallan single malt whisky for the first time.

The Macallan Folio 7

The Macallan recently unveiled the next installment in its series that celebrates the classic advertising campaigns of the brand, this iteration being Folio 7. (image via The Macallan)

The animations created for the campaign depict the scientists visiting The Macallan Distillery and enjoying a signature dram while discerning why whisky ages best in sherry seasoned casks. They are seen to be sniffing and sipping the amber-gold whisky in awe of their new discovery, before they depart to investigate further the magic they have tasted.

The Archival Series first came on the scene in 2015, and was made to commemorate The Macallan’s print, press and film advertising campaigns of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

They did so by gathering the stories, anecdotes, drawings and photographs that featured as part of the campaigns, and the series of individual releases showcases how The Macallan grew from a remote farmstead on the River Spey to become a whisky known the world wide.

Art Director David Holmes and Copy Writer Nick Salaman were tasked to bring the brand’s essence to life in the 1984 advertisement. On hearing the account of scientists visiting The Macallan Estate, David and Nick, together with illustrator Mary Hogan (Nee Roberts), created the advertisement known as The Boffins Baffled, which has been re-imagined once more in the Folio 7 whisky expression.

Euan Kennedy, lead whisky maker for The Macallan, said, “Crafted to pay tribute to the magic and curiosity of The Boffins Baffled advert of the 1980s, Folio 7 is a captivating single malt whisky which truly reflects the iconic status of the artwork it celebrates.”

The distiller’s notes show that Folio 7, on the nose, offers fruity aromas of apple and pear, raisins, milk chocolate and orange peel that give way to vanilla and baked fruits on the palate, leaving a long, creamy finish with warm spices.

“With its interesting flavors, Folio 7 offers a unique way to experience The Macallan and one of its most unforgettable advertising campaigns from decades past,” Kennedy said.

The Macallan Folio 7 clocks in at 43% ABV and has a suggested retail price of £350. The whisky is accompanied by a special booklet commemorating the brand’s vintage advertising. Folio 7 will be available through The Macallan Online Boutique, as well as from The Macallan Estate Boutique and selected global travel retail boutiques.

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